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What’s New and What’s Not About Book Launches Now

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Last year, when my editor let me know that my novel The Arctic Fury was set to release in December of 2020, I thought, That’s great!

Then as 2020 rapidly fell apart as we all struggled (and continue to struggle) through a worldwide pandemic, bitterly fought election season, and something like the implosion of a thousand standards we all once took for granted, I thought, Well, it kinda feels like 2020 may not be the best time to launch a new book into the world.

And you know what? It’s not. The Arctic Fury came out on schedule last week. In some ways, it was deeply unlike releasing a book at another, let’s say “less disrupted”, time. But in other ways, it might have been even more satisfying. So let’s talk about what’s new and what’s not.

What’s new:

Okay. So, that doesn’t sound so great. But! Here are some reasons not to despair:

Would I still rather be releasing a book in non-COVID times than COVID times? Yes, mostly because that would mean no COVID (ah, the dream). But the silver lining has been more substantial than I’d hoped for. We still have both the ability and the need to celebrate.

Q: What have you noticed about what has and hasn’t changed about launching a book this year?

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