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Writing Workshops: Creation and Presentation

Flickr Creative Commons: Sarah Scicluna

Presenting writing workshops has been very much a part of a professional writer’s life for a long time now, and it’s only increasing as an important source of a writer’s income. Indeed, in a time of contracting publishing lists and vanishing advances, for some writers it may be the major source of income. Some are still resistant to the idea of attending workshops, quoting the traditional truism ‘you can’t teach writing,’ but good workshops offer three very important things, especially for aspiring authors: inspiration for new directions, the honing of craft, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Over many years of giving writing workshops all around the country as well as overseas, I’ve learned ways to successfully tailor workshops for different audiences and age groups. In this post, I want to pass on some tips for both the creation and presentation of workshops.



Over to you: As presenters or attendees, what works for you in workshops, and what doesn’t?

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Sophie Masson [4] has published more than fifty novels internationally since 1990, mainly for children and young adults. A bilingual French and English speaker, raised mostly in Australia, she has a master’s degree in French and English literature. Sophie's new e-book on authorship, By the Book: Tips of the Trade for Writers, is available at Australian Society of Authors [5].