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Writer Unboxed is 14 Today! Plus: CONTEST


Writer Unboxed is 14 years old today!

Over these many years, we’ve written over 4,700 posts, to help inspire creativity, instill courage, improve craft, educate, and spread wisdom as we write on. This year, we have over 70 contributors–writers, administrators, and social media leaders–all working to support the mission. We have more than 8,000 Feedly subscribers and ~4,000 email subscribers (subscribe HERE [2]). Our promo-free, private space on Facebook hosts over 5,000 writers [3] who ask Qs and share info about the writing life with one another, and our Twitter account has over 17,000 followers [4] and hosts daily directs to valuable content. We’ve put on 3 successful UnConferences [5] and published 1 book on the craft and business of fiction–Author in Progress [6].

And you’ve been here for it, leaving over 100k comments, and creating the grease that makes all of this work: the Writer Unboxed community. Thank you for those comments, for participating in our forums, and for sharing our posts over social media. Your earnest and vocal enthusiasm for our content is why we carry on–it’s why we do this, and it’s why we can do this.

Thank you, too, to all who gift the site donations every month, usually between $1-$5. WU is now sustained solely by those direct contributions and advertising, and we are proud to maintain a page in your honor, which you can see HERE [7].

If you, too, would like to help, please consider making a one-time payment [8] to WU via PayPal [PayPal.Me/WriterUnboxed [8] ] or becoming a regular sponsor [9] by giving a few dollars per month.

And if you’re about to release a book or have a service to offer, please consider taking out an ad [10] to support WU, for a win-win-win. (All month-long ad buys now include an “ad post” that is pushed out to all of our email and feed readers.)

This also seems like a fitting time for a CONTEST!

Share with us in comments how you stumbled upon Writer Unboxed and/or something about the site that has impacted your writing life — a post that resonated, a friend you’ve made, etc. Share any of it, or as much as you’d like.

We’ll randomly choose a winner from among those who comment, and create a custom craft-and-business-of-fiction gift for you after we connect.

Thank you again for being with us these many years.

Write on, friends!

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Writer Unboxed began as a collaboration between Therese Walsh [12] and Kathleen Bolton [13] in 2006. Since then the site has grown to include ~50 regular contributors--including bestselling authors and industry leaders--and frequent guests. In 2014, the first Writer Unboxed UnConference (part UNtraditional conference, part intensive craft event, part networking affair) [5] was held in Salem, MA. Learn more about our 2019 event, ESCAPE TO WuNDERLAND, on Eventbrite. [14] In 2016, the Writer Unboxed team published a book with Writer's Digest. AUTHOR IN PROGRESS: A No-Holds-Barred Guide to What It Really Takes to Get Published [15] has been well-received by readers who seek help in overcoming the hurdles faced at every step of the novel-writing process--from setting goals, researching, and drafting to giving and receiving critiques, polishing prose, and seeking publication. James Scott Bell has said of the guide, "Nourishment for the writer's soul and motivation for the writer's heart." You can follow Writer Unboxed on Twitter [16], and join our thriving Facebook community [17].