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Auction #2: Set of 3 Whimsical Prints by Storyteller & Artist Marta Pelrine-Bacon

Each of these adorable prints is 8″x8″, and ready for framing.

Artist and author, Marta Pelrine-Bacon, has been telling tales and making art since she landed here on earth (according to family lore anyway). A member of the WU community since 2011, she has attended the first two UnConferences and wishes everyone could experience the magic of writing in Salem. When not working on her art, she writes fairytales, short stories, and novels. Her first novel, The Blue Jar, was published in 2013.

In Marta’s own words:

My mom claimed I knew my color wheel before my alphabet, but my mom was also an artist, and because she was a brilliant artist, I decided not to pursue art. I didn’t wish to be compared in spite of her encouragement.

Fortunately, my other love, equal in measure, was storytelling. I wrote poems at the age of eight and short stories at ten. My father filled my head with fairytales and wild stories.

Now after years of doubt, I write and make art. The strange and unreal in books and images inspire me, and I want my work to feel not quite of this world. I am always trying to capture magic in paper. 

The Prints:

Each of these adorable prints is 8″x8″, and ready for framing.

In the Twilight (print)

Two bunnies in the twilight. One finds comfort in the arms of the tree with its bright blooms. The other looks up. “Is everything okay up there?” Asleep, the other bunny above makes no reply. “Sweet dreams,” says the bunny in the dark grass. “Sweet dreams.”

In the original artwork, the black earth was cut from black paper. The grass and the tree were hand-drawn in ink. The flowers were letters punched out of my novel. The bunnies were drawn and shaded with pencil and ink. For the print, the twilight sky was created with digital effects.


The Cat & the Moon (print)

The cat watches the full moon rise and listens to the stories in the trees. Disturbed by your footsteps, the cat turns to look. Your presence may or may not be tolerated. Time will tell.

First, I cut the tree from a page from my novel. Then I drew the leaves in ink. The earth was cut from black paper. The cat was drawn in ink. In the original, the moon was made of pencil. For the print, the black sky and pale purple starlight were digitally added.


Magic in the Moonlight (print)

She dreamed of traveling the universe and gathered up all manner of magic. They warned her she was going too far.

The original piece was much larger and in pencil and ink. Her wings and hat were cut from black paper, and she was hand-drawn on watercolor paper, cut out, and glued into place. The moon effect and the fading of her dress into starlight were digitally added.


You can find more of Marta’s art at artpal.com/mapelba [2] and learn more about her writing at martapelrinebacon.com [3].

Marta, thank you for donating your work, which is truly delightful!

WU’ers, you will love Marta’s artwork in your workspace. It is writer-magic.


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