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Announcing the 2019 Writer Unboxed UnConference Scholarship

When one of our writer friends, a kindly older gentleman named Bob Stewart, passed away unexpectedly in 2014, a group of us pooled our funds to send flowers for his funeral. Ultimately, far more came in than was needed, and so we decided to set aside the surplus and use it to create a special scholarship. The “Writer Bob” Perseverance Scholarship enabled one writer to attend the 2016 UnConference, and our pooled funds became her stipend.

Deb Lacativa more than met the standard of what we were looking for in a scholarship winner: [1]

We are so pleased to announce this year’s opportunity: The 2019 “Writer Bob” Escape to WUnderland Scholarship!

What does the scholarship winner receive?

Not only will this year’s scholarship winner receive a ticket to the 2019 UnCon [2] they will receive contributions we’ve been gathering as a stipend to help cover additional expenses, an amount that will be $600 or greater. (The stipend is only available to someone attending the event, and will be presented on our first night in Salem.)

Who should apply?

If you’re interested in an UnConference focused on deep craft and community-centric extras (learn more HERE [3] and HERE [4])

If you, too, have been on a long journey with story, and have yet to meet your goal of creating a finished work you believe is ready for publication–

If you have an unrelenting passion for the craft of writing fiction–

If you might not otherwise be able to attend this year’s UnConference (11/4/19 – 11/8/19, in Salem, MA) but are seriously interested–

then we hope you’ll consider applying for WU’s “Writer Bob” Perseverance Scholarship.

What is the process?

Please send the following three items to UnConferenceScholarship@WriterUnboxed.com:

  1. A response to the question, “What is your writing-related story of perseverance?”
    (300 words or less, in the body of the email)
  2. A response to the question, “What drives you to continue writing despite challenges?”
    (150 words or less, in the body of the email)
  3. A Word document or PDF attachment showing five consecutive pages of your manuscript

What is the deadline?

The application deadline for this scholarship is Friday, May 3rd.

Write on!

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