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WU UnConference Extras

Last week, we revealed an in-depth look at the daytime sessions we’ll run at this year’s Writer Unboxed UnConference. (Catch up HERE [1].) Today, we’ll explain some of our extras. These are after-dinner get-togethers that are open to everyone, with no competing sessions, and with a different vibe than daytime sessions — more casual, with an emphasis on personal connection.


BOOK THERAPY has become a staple of UnCon. Bring your troubled plot points, characters, and even your own pitfalls and concerns about yourself as a writer, and let’s talk about them. Our session leaders will be on hand to offer suggestions and encouragement, as will dozens of other attendees. (Three additional sessions [1] during UnCon offer more specific guidance under the “Book Therapy” header –1.  THE CREATIVE GROOVE: Emotional Strategies for the Long Haul; 2. NAVIGATING THE WRITING PROCESS: How Process Intersects with Your Story, and Your Life; and 3. WRITING WHAT SCARES YOU–AND TALKING TO YOUR MONSTERS: Calm Anxieties & Deepen Your Writing.)


This year’s UnCon is focused on deep craft work, and most of the sessions are meant to help all writers, regardless of genre. Our GENRE MEETUPS will offer you the opportunity to gather in the hotel ballroom to sit, chat, and connect with other writers who are writing in your area of interest. A wide range of genres are represented via the ~75 attendees already signed up for UnCon, including historical fiction, women’s fiction, psychological suspense, speculative fiction, literary fiction, magical realism, romance, horror, young adult, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, mystery, and middle-grade fiction.


Share light-bulb moments you’ve had throughout UnCon with others in this new session, ILLUMINATIONS. We’re betting that this group share will create a flood of new insights for those in attendance. Barbara O’Neal will lead with a meditation to set the mood.


If you have a five-minute excerpt that you’d like to share with others in a casual setting, this is your moment. BED-TIME STORIES generally happen fairly late in the evening, and so your goal? Don’t allow anyone to yawn while you’re reading!

Also in the works:

Though the details of our contest won’t be revealed publicly at this time, we’re excited about what we have in store for attendees. Before UnCon begins, attendees will be able to submit something for the contest. Behind the scenes, we’ll winnow those entries down to a few finalists. Finalists’ entries will be revealed and read at UnCon, and everyone present will be able to vote on the ultimate winner, who’ll claim a prize package.


The WU UnCon book-signing event is not only a great way to support session leaders, it’s also open to the larger Salem community.


Jan O’Hara and Liz Michalski have once again signed on to be our intrepid morning-walk leaders, for those who’d like to participate.


Connect with friends and let loose after UnCon wraps on Friday night. Always a great time.

Sign up for the WU UnConference HERE [2].

Stay tuned for information about our UnConference Scholarship.

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