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Spring Planting for Writers

In our western culture, it is traditional to make resolutions and changes at the New Year.  Understandable, since it’s a fresh new calendar, everything is new, and it feels good to make a list of things to change.

In earth-based religions and cultures, it’s much more usual to wait for spring. The pagan calendar says we should be resting more, sleeping more during the dark days of winter, just like all the bears and the bulbs and the trees.  Through the winter, we should be healing and finding ease.

Because when spring comes, we want to be ready.  To awaken, to plant seeds, to give ourselves a good shake and lift our faces to the rain and new sunshine, to eat and nourish our brains and souls and creativity.

Spring officially arrived last week in the Northern Hemisphere, offering us all a chance to set our intensions and hopes for the coming year.

What do you want to plant this spring? What would you like to grow in your writing and/or career?  This doesn’t have to all be about page production or marketing goals, though certainly those are probably on nearly all writers’ lists.

Some other ideas might be:

Attend a new conference

Find a critique partner

Go out to a lecture/play/concert once a month to fill the well

Take a class

Try new methods of writing (locations, word processing programs, hand writing)

Start a daily log of your progress (as Liz Mikaski talked about yesterday)

Write a journal

Find someone to write letters with

Try a new venue for your writing (coffee shop? library? living room? back yard?)

Try a new genre or form

Read old books about writing, not just the new ones

Read a new book about writing

Go somewhere in your town that you’ve never been and write about it

Keep a log of interesting people you see

Read a poem a day all year

Write imaginary letters to people you’ll never meet or people you can’t talk to

Write letters to real people and mail them

Read letters written by writers (sometimes they’re so mundane! Sometimes they’re breathtaking)

Clean your writing space thoroughly

Create some new writing rituals:

Buy a tea you never drink except when you’re writing.

Find some new music.

Buy a cheap silicone cover for your keyboard to match the tone of your book.

Make a collage of your desires for the year.

Make some practical, achievable daily goals toward those desires

Discard things that are no longer useful. Clear some space.

And don’t forget to plant some new joy for writing this spring! Let’s see what we can accomplish.

What are you going to plant in your writing life this spring?

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About Barbara O'Neal [1]

Barbara O'Neal [2] has written a number of highly acclaimed novels, including 2012 RITA winner, How To Bake A Perfect Life [3], which landed her in the RWA Hall of Fame and was a Target Club Pick. She is a highly respected teacher who also publishes material for writers at Patreon.com/barbaraoneal. She is at work on her next novel to be published by Lake Union in July. A complete backlist is available here [4].