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Writing Through Pain

It’s great to be back at the fabulous Writer Unboxed blog. I used to post Failed Writer videos [1] here every month, but I’ve been gone for a while. My online presence is just a blip these days. One big reason I’m not online much is connected to chronic headaches (see my video In My Head [2]¬†for the details). In these past few years, I’ve learned some things about how to keep at it even when burdened with a kind of pain that sticks around for longer than a short visit, that comes and goes on its own schedule, and that, some weeks, doesn’t give you a single breath without its company. I don’t want to claim to be an expert at this. What I can say is that I’ve learned how to fumble my way through the darkness in a way that feels better than giving up completely. I’ve managed to write a novel in two years, alongside a few other projects. Balzac might not be impressed with my output, but my lazy cats think I’m quite productive. And I’m okay with where I’m at. But don’t just listen to blog-post-me, listen to YouTube-me who tries to explain all this using Play-Doh:

I wonder if some of y’all deal with chronic issues as well. And if so, how do you manage to keep at the writing?


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