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The Definitive Packing List for Authors

Hacks for Hacks: Sense of humor required

Warning: Hacks for Hacks tips may have harmful side effects on your writing career, and should not be used by minors, adults, writers, poets, scribes, scriveners, journalists, or anybody.

Look at you, a writer on the go! Maybe you’re off to a convention for the weekend, or to a mountain cabin for a writers retreat [1]. Wherever it is you’re going, you’ll need to to pack strategically to maximize your amount of fun and productivity. You’re probably thinking of packing your duffel with a bunch of socks and underwear and T-shirts or whatever. You fool. You think that’s going to be sufficient for your trip? You’re a writer, for God’s sake, and you need to pack like it.

The list:

As you can see, packing for a weekend getaway takes more planning for writers than for other vocations. But with a little forethought, you can set yourself up for success–and if you don’t, well, you can flee your shame and start a new life somewhere else. Safe travels!

What items do you absolutely have to put in your suitcase when traveling? Let us know in the comments!

About Bill Ferris [3]

After college, Bill Ferris [4] left Nebraska for Florida to become a rich and famous rock star. Failing that, he picked up the pen to become a rich and famous novelist. He now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and looks forward to a life of poverty and ridicule.