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Odyssey Writing Workshop Supports WU

One of our most frequent advertisers here at WU is Odyssey Writing Workshop, and we’d like to give them a shout-out this holiday season. It’s a perk we’re experimenting with for all future advertisers, too: Book an ad with WU for at least one month, and you’ll receive a perk via a post that will go to our feed and email subscribers! (Inquire about the WU ad schedule for 2018 at advertising@writerunboxed.com and view our media kit HERE [1].)

What will the ad-posts look like? Something like this.

Please check out the Odyssey Writing Workshops website [2], consider their workshop, and support them as they’ve supported us here. Thanks!



Held at Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH

June 4-July 13, 2018

 Application deadline:  April 7

Guest Lecturers: 

Elizabeth Hand * Theodora Goss * E. C. Ambrose * Gary Braunbeck * Nisi Shawl * Scott H. Andrews * Meagan Spooner

“Odyssey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and lived up to the very high expectations I had coming in. I learned more in 6 weeks here than an entire MFA program.”      – Michael Hallows

Become the writer you’ve always known you could be! 

Learn more at www.odysseyworkshop.org/ [2].