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Take Five: G.G. Wynter and Free Falling

Please share in our excitement in introducing contributor G.G. Wynter’s debut novel. Free Falling [1] will be released December 21, 2017. Wynter’s debut novel has already been named a 2016 Georgia Romance Writer Maggie Award finalist, and is a 2017 Kayak Author Award finalist. According to her bio, “G.G. Wynter writes small town, multicultural romance novels about feisty female leads, swoon-worthy men, and the family drama that often keeps them apart. Her writing has been described as one part Jane Austen, one part Shonda Rhimes. When she’s not traveling between the Marvel and DC Universes, you can find her online at www.ggwynter.com [2]“.

“He looks at me, and the old connection between us sparks like electricity. But I look away, because electricity is the last thing I need when I feel like I’m neck deep in rising water.” -Excerpt from Free Falling [1]

We’re delighted she took the time to celebrate the launch of her book with us, and answer a few questions.

Q1: What’s the premise of your new book?
In Free Falling, 24-year-old Freedom Spalding returns home to save her family’s Jamaican restaurant. As she fights to save the restaurant, she has to confront several obstacles along the way, including her fragile relationship with her mother, the changing landscape of her rapidly gentrifying town, and the man who broke her heart seven years ago.

Q2: What would you like people to know about the story itself?

Free Falling is a small town, second-chance romance, and while the romance is central to the story, its themes include family and community, loss, self-acceptance, and redemption.

Q3: What do your characters have to overcome in this story? What challenges do you set before them?

Free is battling an image of herself from the past that she can’t seem to shake. For much of the book, her insecurities present as hot-headedness. In addition to these emotional struggles, she’s also put into a situation where she’s being thwarted at every turn on her mission to save the restaurant.

Q4: What unique challenges did this book pose for you, if any?

I’m a marketer by profession, and this is my first work of fiction so literally everything about writing it was a challenge. How do I write fiction? How do I create characters people connect with? How do I create non-breaking ellipses in Word. Seriously, from craft to formatting, writing this book represented challenges at every turn. But now that it’s “over” I can admit I enjoyed every minute of it. I must, because this is the first in a series that will feature other residents of the community at the center of the book.

Q5: What has been the most rewarding aspect of having written this book?

People telling me they connect right away with Free and the town of Pointe Hill. And of course, all the love and support I’ve received from friends and family.

Thank you, G. G. Wynter!

Readers, order your copy here [1] at ggwynter.com, or on Amazon [3].


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