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Getting Middle Grade Voice Right

Middle grade voice is considered one of the most difficult  for a writer to get right. Maybe it’s because it’s been a fair amount of time for most of us since we were a middle grade reader ourselves. But short of time-traveling back to that period, there are things writers can do to make sure their middle grade voice is authentic.


Children Reading by Alissa Ann Smith [1]
Children Reading by Alissa Ann Smith

Getting it Right

Read a lot of middle grade.


Pitfalls to Watch For

Do you write middle grade? What are some suggestions you can offer writers just starting out?

It's My Year to Shine by Gullan Bollsay [2]
It’s My Year to Shine by Gullan Bollsay

About Margaret Dilloway [3]

Margaret Dilloway [4] is the author of the new middle grade series MOMOTARO: XANDER AND THE LOST ISLAND OF MONSTERS (Disney Hyperion) and three women’s fiction novels. She lives in San Diego with her family and a big Goldendoodle named Gatsby. She teaches creative writing to middle schoolers and does developmental editing.