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AUTHOR IN PROGRESS is here to help you Prepare, Write, Improve, Rewrite & Persevere

AUTHOR IN PROGRESS is officially releasing TODAY [1], and we’re so excited for you to meet our book — filled with NEW essays on the journey every writer takes to produce a novel. That’s not just the journey of the not-yet-published author either; it’s also the journey of the published author. The end of one book is never the end of the journey for an author in progress.

AUTHOR IN PROGRESS is divided into 7 sections, with drill-it-down tips to help you move through all the phases of story creation.

1. We’ll help you to PREPARE for writing a book, with:

2. We’ll help you get into the right headspace to WRITE, and keep writing, with:

3. We’ll help you INVITE criticism of your work in the best possible way, and understand why it’s crucial, with:

4. We’ll help you to IMPROVE your work–and your mindset–as you write, with:

5. We’ll help you change gears when it’s time to REWRITE, with:

6. We’ll help you to PERSEVERE, with:

7. And last, but never least, we’ll help you to RELEASE your work when it’s truly finished, with:

If you’ve been counting, you’ll see AUTHOR IN PROGRESS contains over 50 essayists–every single WU contributor and a couple of esteemed guests to boot over 340 pages. Our own ironical Bill Ferris provides comic relief throughout with a parade of boxes featuring tips for ‘How to Get In Your Own Way.’ There are also quite a few cameo appearances, from Jane Green to Karen White to the singular Chuck Wendig.

In one of our book’s most unboxed features, you’ll see conversations following some of our essays, with voices you’ll recognize if you regularly read comments here on Writer Unboxed–and you should; that’s where some of the best observations are made! Cooler still, you can actually join those conversations by using a QR code you’ll find in the book, and hopping onto mirror articles and expanded conversations found in hidden essays here on WU.

Exciting, yes?

We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word about AUTHOR IN PROGRESS far and wide!


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Thanks for supporting us, WU’ers.

It’s because of you that AUTHOR IN PROGRESS exists at all, which is why it was written to help you. We hope it’s something you lean on time and again as you create your best work. And then your next best work, and your next.

Write on–and happy reading!

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