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Kim Bullock, Valerie Chandler, Ron Estrada, Julie Duffy, Mike Swift, and  Therese Walsh
Kim Bullock, Valerie Chandler, Ron Estrada, Julie Duffy, Mike Swift & Therese Walsh

Though the official release date for AUTHOR IN PROGRESS is still a week away, our book is out there now, connecting with readers!

There are tons of awesome writing books out there about everything from creating suspenseful plots to using humor, but few of them cover every single part of your writing journey. And none of them do it quite like AUTHOR IN PROGRESS…Writing a novel is not easy. We all know that. But what we might not know is how to research productively, revise our first, second, and third draft, embrace the publishing business, and write “unboxed”. AUTHOR IN PROGRESS is the one book solution to these problems. Less than $20, unlimited answers.” – Emily Nielson at Just a First Draft [1]

“There are three main things I loved about Author in Progress. First, it covers the entire process. So many writing books focus on one specific angle (e.g. character development, starting the novel, plot, etc.). But this book covers it all. The entire first section is devoted to starting and coming up with the idea. Then there are the chapters devoted to the writing, revising and the actual book release. For me, this is all really helpful because all the resources are in one place.” – Leah Singer (Read her other two points HERE. [2])

“All essays are short, 4-5 pages, so the book is easy to dip in and out of. With such a wide range of topics and voices, some essays resonate stronger than others, but just because some, for me, missed the mark today, it doesn’t mean they won’t have greater value when I’m further down the writer’s path tomorrow… With over 50 authors giving advice on all aspects of writing and the publishing industry, you’re guaranteed to find something of interest.” – Colin Marks [3]

“I am slowly working my way through each bite-sized portion, underlining sentences and flagging pages for future reference. All the wisdom of the Unboxed site in one, curated bundle. Really glad this exists!” – Julie Duffy [4], on Goodreads

James Scott Bell, best-selling author and writing instructor, wrote a foreword for us, and had this to say about AUTHOR IN PROGRESS:

Nourishment for the writer’s soul and motivation for the writer’s heart.”

AUTHOR IN PROGRESS features essays by all of us here at Writer Unboxed, including:

Porter Anderson
Julianna Baggott
Brunonia Barry
James Scott Bell
Tom Bentley
Sharon Bially
Dan Blank
Anne Greenwood Brown
Kim Bullock
Sarah Callender
David Corbett
Kathryn Craft
Lisa Cron
Keith Cronin
Margaret Dilloway
Jo Eberhardt
Anna Elliott
Bill Ferris
Jane Friedman
Tracy Hahn-Burkett
Gwen Hernandez
Kristan Hoffman
Steven James
Dave King
Jeanne Kisacky
Robin LaFevers
Allie Larkin
Erika Liodice
Donald Maass
Sophie Masson
Greer Macallister
Juliet Marillier
Julia Munroe Martin
Sarah McCoy
Kathleen McCleary
Jael McHenry
Catherine McKenzie
Liz Michalski
Annie Neugebauer
Jan O’Hara
Barbara O’Neal
Ray Rhamey
Erika Robuck
M.J. Rose
Vaughn Roycroft
Lancelot Schaubert
Susan Spann
Victoria Strauss
John Vorhaus
Therese Walsh
Heather Webb
Cathy Yardley

Get your copy of AUTHOR IN PROGRESS on Amazon [5]Barnes and Noble [6]Indiebound [7], or at the Writer’s Digest store [8].

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