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Unbound: Digital Publishing Round-Up Winter Edition

Unbound: Digital Publishing Roundup

For many, the new year is a time for new beginnings. A fresh start. A clean state. The same is proving true for digital publishing as 2016 ushers in new ideas, new partnerships, new markets, and, of course, new legal battles. Here’s the latest…

Google Launches E-book Experiment

Google has launched a new digital-only bookstore “for books that cannot be printed”…http://bit.ly/1KZSWZs [1]

Audible Expands into Original Content

Amazon is ramping up its investment in podcasts and other radio-style shows to expand the types of programming it offers via Audible…Audible has recruited well-known comedians, along with radio and podcast producers for the initiative, and job postings suggest a significant global push…http://bloom.bg/1QNHHd5 [2]

Indie Authors Can Now Develop an Audiobook via ListenUp Audiobooks

The global audiobook industry is currently worth over two billion dollars and digital is the fastest growing segment. Major publishes have a tremendous amount of infrastructure to create audio editions of their bestselling novels, but indie authors don’t have many alternatives. ListenUp Audiobooks is a new company that is exclusively focusing on indie authors who want to make an audiobook…http://bit.ly/1Qbdt4X [3]

Amazon is Opening a Bookstore in San Diego

Amazon is planning on opening a new bookstore in San Diego. The e-commerce giant is hiring store managers, booksellers and gadget enthusiasts. This will be the second retail location that the Seattle company has launched in the last six months…http://bit.ly/20jAJNs [4]

Amazon’s Other Physical Retail Test: A Mini Bookstore for Kindle ebooks

It only takes up a couple square feet, a small fraction of the size of Amazon’s first real bookstore in Seattle, but the company has been quietly making another foray into physical retail — offering individual ebook gift cards for sale under a pilot program at Bartell Drugs in Washington state…http://bit.ly/1nvz6QZ [5]

Hoopla Announces Deal with Ingram

Library service provider Hoopla Digital today announced a new agreement with Ingram that will make e-books and audio titles instantly available, 24/7, and every time a title is borrowed the publisher gets paid…http://bit.ly/23ZVJgQ [6]

Microsoft is Offering Support for Apple Pencil

The iPad Pro is starting to resonate with authors who like to scribble and jot down notes. Microsoft is listening and they are in the process of updating their complete line of Office apps to be compatible with the Apple Pencil… http://bit.ly/1Lk4QgU [7]

Kindle Warns Readers of Poor Quality ebooks

Ebook authors and publishers who ignore quality issue warnings at the time of publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing now face the reality that readers will be warned that their ebooks are sub-standard…http://bit.ly/1PGwab8 [8]

Kobo Wants Indie Authors to Buy ISBN Numbers

Kobo wants indie authors who publish via Kobo Writing Life to buy ISBN numbers. This will allow companies like Nielsen who track digital book sales to be able to accurately track sales figures for the purchase of meaningful data. Kobo has just partnered with Bowker to give Writing Life Authors a discount on ISBN numbers…http://bit.ly/1nOydD7 [9]

People are Starting to Read More e-books in Europe and Russia

e-Book adoption may have plateaued in Canada and the United States but the digital format is growing in Europe and Russia…http://bit.ly/1Q8Lek3 [10]

Bestselling Authors and Rights Groups Support Authors Guild in Asking Supreme Court to Review Google Ruling

Bestselling authors, book publishers, rights organizations, and copyright experts from around the world filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting the Authors Guild’s petition asking the Court to hear its case that Google must be held accountable for digitally copying millions of copyrighted books without permission or payment…http://reut.rs/1TbPXUt [11]

About Erika Liodice [12]

Erika Liodice is an indie author and founder of Dreamspire Press, where she is dedicated to teaching curious minds about unknown worlds through story. She is the author of Empty Arms: A Novel [13] and the children’s chapter book series High Flyers [14]. She is also a contributor to Author In Progress [15], the Writer Unboxed team’s first anthology. To learn more about Erika and her work, visit erikaliodice.com [16].