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Ten Years: A Writer Unboxed Milestone

comic by Debbie Ohi, frame-of-contributors by Therese
comic by Debbie Ohi [1]; frame-of-contributors by Therese

Ten years ago, Star Wars episode 3 had just released (Nooo!).

The Office was a newborn TV show with promise.

e-cards? Not yet a thing.

Daniel Craig? Not yet Bond (gasp).

Britney Spears had yet to shave her head.

Facebook as we know it was not yet open to the general public.

But Writer Unboxed was.

Let that sink in a moment.

Ten years is a long time. We’ve been doing this for a long time. You have been visiting here, perhaps, for a long time, and writing for just as long.

Kath and I may have started Writer Unboxed alone ten years ago, but we certainly didn’t sustain it alone. We didn’t grow it alone.

The purpose of a frame is to support something, to make it more stable, to make whatever is within it look its best. That’s why I think it’s fitting that the frame you see around the two of us is made up of WU’s Finest — our contributors, our administrative assistants, our logo designer, our Twitter team, and our Facebook moderators. Without them we would be as done as 2006.

So while today means a lot for many, many reasons, and I’m filled with pride and gratitude for this site and for all of you who come to visit regularly, I mostly want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to the people who make it stable, who help to keep it and us running, and who help to make us always look our best.

Thank you, Kim Bullock and Julia Munroe Martin, for being such helpmates to this site and to me.

Thank you, Vaughn Roycroft and Kim Bullock and Valerie Chandler and Heather Reid for your daily help with WU’s Facebook group.

Thank you, Heather Webb, VR Barkowski, CB Blake, Julianne Douglas, Denise Falvo, and Rebeca Schiller for populating WU’s Twitter account.

Thank you, Kristy Condon, for our fantastic logo.

Thank you, Jeanne Kisacky, for your skill and time managing WU’s ads.

Thank you, Valerie Chandler, Tonia Marie Harris, Natalie Hart, Brin Jackson, Dede Nesbitt, Jan O’Hara and Bernadette Phipps-Lincke for moderating comments.

Thank you to our regular essayists:
Porter Anderson
Julianna Baggott
Brunonia Barry
Tom Bentley
Sharon Bially
Dan Blank
Anne Greenwood Brown
Kim Bullock
Sarah Callender
David Corbett
Kathryn Craft
Lisa Cron
Keith Cronin
Margaret Dilloway
Jo Eberhart
Anna Elliott
Bill Ferris
Jane Friedman
Tracy Hahn-Burkett
Gwen Hernandez
Kristan Hoffman
Dave King
Jeanne Kisacky
Robin LaFevers
Erika Liodice
Donald Maass
Greer Macallister
Juliet Marillier
Jael McHenry
Julia Munroe Martin
Sophie Masson
Kathleen McCleary
Sarah McCoy
Catherine McKenzie
Liz Michalski
Annie Neugebauer
Jan O’Hara
Barbara O’Neal
Ray Rhamey
Erika Robuck
Vaughn Roycroft
Lance Schaubert
John Vorhaus
Heather Webb
Cathy Yardley

Thank you to our many guests.

Thank you to our subscribers.

And most especially, thank you to my co-founder Kathleen Bolton, who may not haunt WU’s halls like she did ten years ago, but whose spirit is omnipresent just the same.

I can’t tell you where we’ll be in ten years, but I can’t wait to see what’s next. If we improve even 1% as much as the Star Wars franchise did between 2006 and now? Heh. Look out world.

Thanks to all of you for the support. Write on!


About Therese Walsh [2]

Therese Walsh (she/her) co-founded WU in 2006 and is the site's editorial director. She was the architect and 1st editor of WU's only book, Author in Progress [3], and orchestrates the WU UnConference. [4] Her second novel, The Moon Sisters [5], was named one of the best books of the year by Library Journal and Book Riot; and her debut, The Last Will of Moira Leahy [6] was a Target Breakout Book. Sign up for her newsletter [7] to be among the first to learn about her new projects (or follow her on BookBub [8]). Learn more on her website [9].