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Flash Fiction Contest Round 9

Photo by Flickr user Doug Wetman [1]
Photo by Flickr user Doug Wertman

Thank you to everyone who participated in round 8 [2] of the WU Flash Fiction Contest. I loved reading so many stories about Gideon, and I know Brin Jackson, the owner of the actual Gideon, did as well.

Hold on to your hats, the September contest is now open! You have seven days to write a 250 word story about the picture above to be in the running for an absolutely fabulous prize pack.

The rules:

What the winner receives: 

Each month’s winning story will be announced the following month, and republished on Writer Unboxed, along with the author’s bio, and links to the winner’s website and social media accounts. As well as this platform-raising exposure, the monthly winner gets bragging rights and the exclusive opportunity to compete for the grand prize in December.

In December, each of the monthly winners will be asked to write a new flash fiction story based on a new prompt. The overall winning story will be selected by a mix of votes via a poll and our own discretion.

The overall winner of the 2015 Writer Unboxed Flash Fiction Contest will be announced by the end of December 2015, and will receive:

The other finalists will receive the a beautiful “Edit” poster from Three Figs Villa [7], as kindly donated by the generous Cyd Peroni.

We’re getting down to the wire now, with only three rounds of the contest left until the finalists all compete for this amazing prize. If you haven’t entered yet, now’s the time to jump in with both feet (and both hands). That prize pack is amazing!

And now… announcing the winner of Round 7 of the WU Flash Fiction Contest.


Victoria McAllister (“Gideon Speaks”)

Veronica Smith (“Shadow”)

Sarah C. (“Monsters are scarier in the daylight.”)

Congratulations on coming so close to first place Victoria, Veronica, and Sarah. Good luck in September!


"Gideon" -- Photo by Brin Jackson
“Gideon” — Photo by Brin Jackson

Congratulations to Natalie Hart, who has earned an entry in the 2015 WU Flash Fiction grand final with her story. Please read and enjoy it in its encore performance:

“Troops, you know what this is about.”

Their stone heads nodded and their red eyes flared.

“Revenge.” I unfurled my terrible wings. “We used to be respected. We used to be feared.”

My hoary comrades, half-covered in the indignity of moss, rumbled.

“We used to have a purpose. Now we’re just ornaments. They think we’re cute. And it’s all her fault.” We glared up at the big house. “Tonight, no more hiding in the hostas. You know your assignments.”

And so it began.

Seven nights of lining the windowsills of whatever room she was in. Seven nights of marking her as the target with the beam of our red eyes. Seven nights of infiltrating her dreams with images more terrifying than those she’d imagined.

On the morning of the eighth day, she came to us. “I’m going mad.”

I rotated my shoulders just enough that she could hear stone grinding on stone.

She crouched in front of me. “I don’t know how you know what I’ve written or who I am, but I apologize. How can I make it up to you?”

I told her our demands. She stood and tapped on her phone and then showed me the results.

@jk_rowling Garden gnomes are not cute objects of fun to be tossed over your garden gate at Harry Potter birthday parties.

@jk_rowling Garden gnomes are gargoyles, which are seriously fearsome magical creatures that we should all respect, if not fear.

@jk_rowling Please stop sending me garden gnomes.

Mission accomplished.

Natalie Hart [8] is a writer of biblical fiction and of picture books for children who were adopted when they were older. Her father was an entrepreneur, so she never intended to be one herself, but she’s about to independently publish everything — a Kickstarter will start in a week for As Real As It Gets, a picture book about a boy who is scared to yell “You’re not my real mother,” but can’t help it, and then how she reacts; and forthcoming in October, The Giant Slayer, an imaginative retelling of the first eight years of adventure in the life of the man who would become Israel’s King David. You can follow her on Twitter @NatalieAHart, and on Facebook [9].

Congratulations, Natalie!

About Jo Eberhardt [10]

Jo Eberhardt is a writer of speculative fiction, mother to two adorable boys, and lover of words and stories. She lives in rural Queensland, Australia, and spends her non-writing time worrying that the neighbor's cows will one day succeed in sneaking into her yard and eating everything in her veggie garden.