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5 Digital Media Resources for Every Writer’s Toolbox

by André Freitas
by André Freitas

Since 2010, I’ve been actively teaching students of all backgrounds about using digital media for creative endeavors, whether through traditional university courses or through online classes. I also send out a (not quite) monthly newsletter [1] introducing writers to digital media tools.

The following resources have surfaced again and again as the most valuable. If you aren’t yet familiar with them, each is worthy of your consideration.

1. Lynda [2]

This is, hands down, the best place to go to learn any software or digital media skill. It’s an on-demand education platform with more than 3,000+ courses at your fingertips.  Their offerings have never let me down, and the curriculum and teaching style is the highest quality I’ve found anywhere. If you need to learn a new online or digital media skill, go to Lynda first. [3] (I swear I don’t get paid for saying that.)

2. 279 Days to Overnight Success [4]

Now more than five years old, I still consider this one of the most valuable blueprints and introductions to what it means to build an online presence and start living the creative life you want, on your own terms. Thank you, Chris Guillebeau. Go download it now. [4]

3. Camtasia [5]

As video becomes more prevalent as both a content delivery tool and marketing tool, know how to stitch together a simple video is immensely valuable. I use Camtasia [5] when I need to create “talking head” style videos, screencast tutorials, or a combination of both. It’s fairly straightforward for a beginner to use, and if you feel intimidated, have I told you about an educational resource called Lynda?

4. Canva [6]

Social media is visually driven these days, which calls for a little graphic design knowledge and skill. If you need to fake ability that you don’t have, then Canva will help. It offers prefab templates perfect for creating social-media graphics, book covers, flyers, invitations, and basically anything you need to design. Try it out [7]—literally no experience required.

5. 15-Tab Book Marketing Spreadsheet [8]

This is something I uncovered far more recently—it’s a resource created by Jenny Blake that is the kitchen-sink of marketing plans. I probably get more questions about planning book launches, and this is now the spreadsheet I point people to. [8]

Bonus: Want to be continually exposed to new resources, tips, and tricks? Follow the Digital Inspiration blog [9].

What are the most indispensable digital media tools in your creative life? Let me know in the comments!

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