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Writing… Will You Be My Valentine?

By Flickr's inesplicabile [1]
By Flickr’s inesplicabile

For this day of love, I invited other Writer Unboxed contributors to join me in writing words of love about writing: a sentiment that could fit inside a greeting card, on a school valentine, or even on a candy heart.

The instructions were simple:

“Write a love note to writing. It can be sweet, bitter, funny, serious, whatever you like in terms of tone, but it needs to be *to* writing itself.”

Love letters, poetry, and words of love poured in, as varied as a box of mixed-center chocolates. As I received each missive, I put it in a virtual Valentine box, saving them for this day of love.

Now, for your reading pleasure, I’ll open the box…

Words of Love

I once dated a prepositional phrase that had such attractive punctuation that I couldn’t even look her in the i’s. But she left me for some stupid noble clause.
– Tom Bentley

Natural as breathing, close as my heart, you haunt my nights and magic my days. With you I live an adventure like no other, and dare to dream always.
 Sophie Masson

Now that I can finally sit with you and allow my fingertips to caress the keyboard, my body fills with a warm, expansive feeling. This is love, babe, true love. And gratitude for our time together. Either that or tonight’s chili, which was heavy on the beans.
– Jan O’Hara

heart [2]
– Therese Walsh

My oldest friend, most loyal companion, my lover, my guide, my confessor, my heart. Without you, my writing, I would be a shadow of myself, whispering instead of shouting, skulking instead of striding. My heart, my love—be my Valentine, writing my dear.
– Barbara O’Neal

I’m here for the high, Writing. Don’t let anyone tell you I’m not. I love you, I hate you, I want you, I need you. I chase the buzz when I chase the words.
– John Vorhaus



Thank you, writing.

For giving voice,

To those unheard.

For giving identity,

To those adrift.

For sparking worlds,

Amidst wasteland.

For providing possibilities,

When all hope seems lost.

– Dan Blank


This lopsided love:

I think of you all the time,

You never write back.

– Therese Walsh


Ten words written for each one I keep,

Murdered darlings and new gray hair;

Writing, the price you demand is steep,

But when we’re good together, nothing can compare.

– Tracy Hahn-Burkett


If love is devotion

If love is hunger

If love is compulsion

If love is wonder

If love is vital

If love is reflection

Then that’s what I feel

Without question

Deep and exquisite and true.

– Kristan Hoffman


Writing is honest love

Which alters when it alteration needs,

And bends with the backspace to delete.

O yes, it is an ever-vexing mark

That looks on critic’s tempest and is shaken;

It is the star to every wand’ring author heart,

Whose worth’s unknown, although her life be taken.

— Sarah’s Sonnets 2:14

– Sarah McCoy


You’re first on my mind—

and last—

A constant in a sea of change.

You consume me; you fill me up.

I lose myself in you, yet I am found.

– Julia Munroe Martin


Love Letters


Dear Writing, I love you because you don’t mind cuddling on the couch, even when the game is on. I love you because you don’t laugh at me when I get lost in your plots and lose my way on the drive home.  And I love you, dear writing, even though you sometimes stink because I know you love me, too.

xoxo, Anne

(Anne Greenwood Brown)

Dearest Writing,

I was but a child when we first met, yet you patiently waited while I dated and flirted with other careers. Finally, I was ready to commit to you fully. I am mostly glad I did. Roughly 90% glad.



(Sarah Callender)

Dear Writing Life:

Thanks for savaging my illusions. For making me tell the unforgiving truth, not settle for convenient lies.

Check’s in the mail, you heartless monster.

Cuddles, David

(David Corbett)

Dear Writing,

First you seem to love me, then you make me feel worthless and weak. Sometimes I regret ever getting serious about you.



(Keith Cronin)

Dear Writing,

Those moments with you, when I lose myself in the simple joy of story, sustain me through the quiet desperation of modern existence.

With hope,


(Jeanne Kisacky)

Dear Writing,

You challenge me, vex me, grow me, make me despair, and make me rejoice to be alive. I’m not sure we’re a healthy match, but I just can’t quit you.



(Katrina Kittle)

Dearest Words,

Roses are…are…augh. “Red” is too obvious. “Floral” too general. “Precious” too precious. “Symbolic” too brainy. “Beautiful” too direct. Gah, stumped!

Roses are like you, Words, made real. There.

Happy Valentine’s…Occasion?


Your Humble Scribe

(Donald Maass)


Dear Writing,

I like doing you and having done you. ;) Let’s do it again tomorrow.



(Annie Neugebauer)

Dear Writing,

You demand so much, but how could I resent you? Your insistence that I dig, your assuredness that I will find more, make me believe in me.

Irrevocably Yours,


(Vaughn Roycroft)

Now it’s your turn. We’d love to read your Valentine to writing…

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