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Most of the Stuff You Need to Know to Edit Your Manuscript

Hacks for Hacks (sense of humor required)Look, I don’t want to imply there’s anything wrong with your book. I’m just saying that if your first draft was a masterpiece, your second draft will be like Wuthering Heights and The Brothers Karamazov glued together. Here’s how you can turn your hunk of clay of a first draft into the Mona Lisa.

[pullquote]If you ask an editor if they’re a scammer, legally they have to tell you or it’s edtrapment.[/pullquote]

And if all else fails:

You can always make your book better. Why stop at just a second or third draft? A lot of writers grow to love their characters; once you master these techniques, you can make an infinite number of incremental changes–you and your book will be together forever!

What are your best editing techniques? Share them in the comments!

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