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12 Days Of Writer (Unboxed) Christmas


In case any of you can’t read the tiny text under “4 Lovely ARCS,” the covers are from Therese Walsh’s MOON SISTERS [1] novel, which comes out in March, 2014. If you’ve been enjoying Writer Unboxed, I strongly encourage you to show your support by pre-ordering Therese’s book as well as marking it “Want To Read” on Goodreads [2]. I’ve started reading Therese’s book and LOVE it so far; you can find out more about MOON SISTERS on Therese’s website [1] as well as this Publishers Weekly review [3].

Other writers who have blogged or sung about the 12 Days Of Christmas (and from whom I have shamelessly stolen some of the ideas in the comic above): Julie Jarnagin: 12 Days Of Christmas For Writers [4]A Writer’s 12 Days Of Christmas [5] by GreatBigJar, The 12 Days Of A Writer’s Christmas [6] by Jodi Milner, 1st Day Of Christmas [7] by Katy Wyton and most recently, The 12 Days Of Christmas (Bookstore Style) [8] by Sarah Brannen, Kristy Dempsey, Mike Jung, Arthur Levine, Emily Mitchell, Kim Norman, Anne Marie Pace, Yolanda Scott, and Deborah Underwood. Happy holidays to all, especially Writer Unboxed co-founders Kathleen Bolton and Therese Walsh!  — Debbie

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Debbie Ridpath Ohi [10] writes and illustrates books for young people. Recent illustration projects for Simon & Schuster Children's include books by Judy Blume [11] and Michael Ian Black [12]. Her blog for children's book writers & illustrators: Inkygirl.com [13]. On Twitter: @inkyelbows [14]