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Earlier today, we made the decision to pull a post by one of our esteemed contributors, Juliet Marillier. Backlash over her essay, reflecting on personal disappointment over a reader’s letter, had grown, and people came to us with concerns. However due to the time zone differences for Juliet, who lives in Australia, she was unable to respond to those concerns throughout the day. In the end, we felt it in her and everyone’s best interests to remove the post, allow Juliet time to absorb the conflict, and respond. She has done that now.

She asked us to let you all know that she’s sorry if her post upset or offended anyone. That was not her intention. She regrets the choice to show the reader’s email in full, as she deeply values her relationship with her readers.

We value our relationship with our readers as well—our WU community—and we value our relationship with Juliet, who has been with WU since 2007.

We’d like to remind everyone that our moderators retain the right to delete comments deemed offensive or inappropriate. If you’d like to ensure that your comments are posted, please refrain from personal attacks and digs, and engage in courteous debate. It also seems a good time to remind everyone that one contributor’s views are not necessarily shared by the other contributors at Writer Unboxed. Each contributor’s views are his or her own, and each contributor has an invitation to share those views here.

Thank you, and write on.

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