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Puppies Are Evil


Okay, that’s a lie. Puppies are not evil. They’re adorable. But they’re also a massive time-suck. And I have a brand new one. This is super ironic, as I’m not even a dog person, but my husband fell in love with her and he asks for so few things that I didn’t have the heart to say no. I wish I had, a little bit. See, in the past six months, I’ve written three books, gone on tour, gotten very ill, and moved. Now I have a new puppy, am still recovering, trying to settle in, furnish and decorate a new house. While writing another book.

I imagine most of you could list a similar collection of events that are impairing your creativity, eating into your time. Many of my posts are advice-driven. I tell you what’s worked for me, and you go away thinking, “Hey, that’s not bad, maybe I’ll try it,” or possibly, “Wow, that’s incredibly stupid. Only a polar bear would fall for that.” (It’s a well known fact that polar bears are far more gullible than pandas.)

This time, however, the post is different. You see, WU has assembled an amazing panel of experts and a great audience who checks in regularly to see what’s cooking. That said, I need y’all now. It’s time for you to shine!

Help me develop some new coping strategies. Feel free to include puppy management tips, too! Or home decorating ideas. I’ll take anything you can offer. Right now I’m just too exhausted for my usual method of pure determination to carry me through. It’s not that I don’t want to write; I love writing. It’s my dream job and always will be. At the moment, however, I feel buried under my current workload. I understand admitting it is the first step to fixing it.

So what do you guys do when you’re feeling swamped? What tricks have you developed? I can’t be the only one on the interwebz feeling overwhelmed so hopefully this will help others, too.

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