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Project Mismanagement

So when I showed a good friend of mine an early version of this video, he said, “you are out of your mind.” Actually, he had a more colorful way to say it. Basically, the original video made it sound like I was done making videos: so long, suckers!

First of all, it would be impressively idiotic marketing (even for me!) to quit making these quasi-popular videos just before my book launches. But also, it’s not true. I’ll still be posting videos for two more months, and even after that I just intend to take a three-month break (October, November, December) from the official Failed Writer series and from Writer Unboxed posts. I’ll still post things (maybe even a few short videos) on my website [1]. And then I’ll be back at Writer Unboxed in January.

It’s tricky to explain this kind of plan, partly because it’s difficult for me to come to the realization that I’m spread too thin. I’m sure a lot of you readers also struggle with juggling too many compelling projects.

I need time to focus on novel #2 to see if I can overcome a few challenges with this work-in-progress. I’m honestly terrified by its bigness, by its complexity, by its audacity. Rather than drawing from what I learned with novel #1 [2], I’ve stubbornly decided to take on something very different and I’ve bumped up against some issues that I honestly don’t know if I can resolve. (What was I thinking when I set it in rural Georgia in 1938?!) But I need more time to see if I can work through these issues. Given that each video takes me 20 to 30 hours to create, the video-making stuff eats a chunk out of my life. Particularly when there are other responsibilities — like paying for my family’s food and health insurance. And so even fabulous things may sometimes need to go, at least temporarily. I also want time to re-think the Failed Writer series. It’s not that I’m bored with it — these videos are a real joy to create — but I’m wondering how I might evolve it in some way.

Check out my video and see if I’ve retooled it enough to properly articulate a more coherent message:

What about you? How do you handle having too many projects at once?

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