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Networking for the Cowardly and Terrified

So it should start becoming more and more obvious that I’m going through a writer-identity crisis as things get closer to the release of my book. And lucky you — you get to be a witness to my crisis. In this episode of my crisis, we walk through my attempt at networking even though I’m a terrified coward.

Actually, it’s a little more complex than that because I try to analyze how I’ve mistakenly succeeded in a few areas of networking even with my horrifying awkwardness. And I also try to extract the part about networking that I think — even for non-networkers — can be natural and useful and not soul-sucking.

Spoiler: As it turns out, I discovered that my networking successes are based more on slow and steady friendships, rather than lucky breaks or running into a tremendously powerful literary figure while schmoozing at a fancy pants Manhattan cocktail party (at least that is how it seems to work in the movies, or in my more desperate fantasies).

So here goes, Failed Writer Crisis #12:

This video — more than others I think — is in an area that I’m still trying to figure out… as I confront the upcoming release of my book [1]. So I’d love to get some of your feedback.

What’s your take on networking as a writer?

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