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Writer Unboxed Welcomes New Contributor Robin LaFevers — and Shrinking Violets

Photobucket [1]Therese here. You know Kath and I loved Robin LaFevers [2]‘ guest post on April 6th, The Writer’s Life is Full of Second Chances (or: Abandon Despair, All Ye Who Enter Here) [3]. Our guess is that you did too if your 280 re-tweets and 406 Facebook shares account for anything. When we invited Robin to come back some time for another guest post (because why wouldn’t we want her back?), the conversation took an interesting spin. I’ll cut to the chase:

As the last introvert standing over at her long-time blog, Shrinking Violets [4], Robin is honoring the introvert’s conflicting needs for down time and connecting with people by trading her weekly blogging commitment for a monthly column here on Writer Unboxed.

We are extremely happy to have her and to announce that her first official post with us with run on May 11th.

You can learn more about Robin on her new WU page [5], by visiting her website [2] and blog [4], and by following her on Twitter [6] and Facebook [7].

Welcome, Robin!

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