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Hooks for Books Contest WINNER!

Photobucket [1]Judging WU contests has become more difficult! This time around, there were 200 entries in our hooks-for-books contest [2], with the winner set to receive 14 of Mary Stewart’s beautiful reissued titles. Kath and I debated, we compromised, and finally we came up with our Top Ten hooks:

1. Sarah opened the door to see her dead mother standing in the rain.

2. Her baby was sleeping peacefully in the crib, even though the chainsaw still smoked and buzzed.

3. Two things stood out immediately – I had seen the man in the black suitcoat before, and someone else was watching him.

4. Being the daughter of a burnt-out contract killer wouldn’t have been Celia’s first choice for a life.

5. The floors in hell are cold.

6. In this photo, Jacquie looks completely sane.

7. Later, looking back, she realized the moment the swans started swimming across the causeway toward her was the beginning.

8. I had never contemplated the stupidity of cows before, but I had never been chained up in car driving across the country before either.

9. Karsten’s last day alive was otherwise unremarkable.

10. Alice sat back and sipped a glass of malbec, while her family album burned in the fireplace.

And the winner is…

Sean Sullivan’s entry:

Alice sat back and sipped a glass of malbec, while her family album burned in the fireplace.

Congratulations, Sean! We’ll email you soon with details of your win.

We’d also like to mention two other favorites:

“Of course it’s a filthy habit, darling,” my Aunt Lavinia replied as she took another drag off her cigarette. “But so are men named Michael.”

The above entry was actually our favorite, but the winning entry had to be one sentence. Still, great hook, Thea!

We also loved this not-very-Mary-Stewartish-but-still-funny entry:

Kate Minola knew exactly what kind of day it would be the moment the dog shit in her purse.

Yeah, that would be a bad day.

Thanks, everyone for playing, and congrats again to our winner, Sean Sullivan! Until next time.

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