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Comic: “The Pitch Session”


Thanks to Writer Unboxed for letting me inflict my comics on WU’s readership! I’ll be posting comics on Writer Unboxed every other weekend.

Today’s comic was inspired by the title of the recent pitch article [2] by JC Hutchins. In case you’re curious (I was), the word “pitch” originated around c. 1200 [3], when it mean “to thrust in, fasten, settle.” Later on the meaning evolved to “hitting the mark,” which I suppose is entirely appropriate in the case of a writers’ pitch session.

About Debbie Ohi [4]

Debbie Ridpath Ohi [5] writes and illustrates books for young people. Recent illustration projects for Simon & Schuster Children's include books by Judy Blume [6] and Michael Ian Black [7]. Her blog for children's book writers & illustrators: Inkygirl.com [8]. On Twitter: @inkyelbows [9]