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Unveiling Three New Contributors and Finalists’ Platform

Photobucket [1]So we got greedy.

Not only have Kathleen and I found the ideal voice for the Unpublished Writer here at WU, we’ve stumbled upon two additional contributors for WU–each with something unique to offer. And we’ve devised a way to bring you the best of our finalists, too.

Where to begin?

First, let me tell you that all of our finalists and semi-finalists have been asked to become honorary guests of the blog. That means you’ll see their posts here occasionally–especially posts of our finalists. How will finalists post? When? Kath and I are in the process of working out the details, but suffice it to say there are gaps in the schedule–5th weeks of many months, when no contributors are set; days when, for whatever reason, Kath or I can’t produce a post; weekends that feel overly long. You get the picture. We’ll turn a keen eye to those gaps and work our guests into the schedule on a semi-regular basis, in ways that best supplement the content here at WU.

Second, in thinking through our current scheduling needs, we realized we had room for another permanent M-F contributor. We considered (at length) bringing on another unpublished writer, but we weren’t convinced that would be the best decision in the end. The stars aligned and we found someone who we believe will be a great fit for the blog. You’ve already met her and enjoyed her first post: A Left-Brained Approach to Revision [2]. Jael McHenry [3], whose debut novel, The Kitchen Daughter, will be released next year, will be joining us as a new contributor beginning in May. We’ll introduce her a little more formally in the coming weeks.

One more surprise before the big reveal: The fabulous Debbie Ohi [4] will join Writer Unboxed as well, providing unique comics for our entertainment, twice monthly. Look for those goodies to appear approximately every other Sunday, beginning in May.

And now, the name you’ve been waiting for. Kath and I are thrilled to announce that the new voice of the Unpubbed Writer here at WU is…

Photobucket [5]Jan O’Hara, otherwise known as Hope101 from Tartitude [6]!

[wild applause, w00ting and rose-tossing ensues]

Why did we love Jan? Too many reasons to list, but I’ll share some of them. We loved what we saw on her personal blog, including posts like these:

You Might Be a Writer If… [7]


Her interview with Laura Kinsale [8]

And here are a few of the topics she suggested she might blog about here at WU:

· Creation of a writer’s emergency hope kit
· How writing has made me a better mother
· Writing is a people-growing machine
· The pre-writing writing years (what I learned from my delay)

Frankly we were impressed, because we know how difficult it can be to take a topic you’ve tackled ten times already and make it fresh. Jan seemed to have an easy grip on that.

Then we read her essays, written just for us, and were sold.

In the coming weeks, you’ll learn more about our new contributors, but for now, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to WU. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this search.

Write on!

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