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Saturday, I attended one of Therese Walsh’s readings and booksignings at the lovely River Read Books, [1] a delightful independent bookstore. Therese, of course, knocked it out of the park, speaking gracefully about her journey writing The Last Will of Moira Leahy [2] and answering questions from the substantial gathering.  It was a mini reunion of our old critique group as well.  We’d been along for Therese’s journey for many years, and it was truly a time for celebration.  That’s us (l-r), me, Therese, Karen Hendershott and Elena Greene [3].  Don’t we look proud as hell for her?

Therese acknowledged us in her talk, and spoke a little bit about Writer Unboxed.  As Therese signed books for the throng, I fielded questions from a few aspiring writers present.  They were amazed we’d been friends and writer buddies for as long as ten years.  I’m amazed too. 

Writing is such a solitary and personal endeavor. It’s easy to put your head down, immerse in the project at hand, and stay in the bubble.  But there is so much energy to be had getting out of the cave and meeting other people who a) love books b) see writing as a valuable endeavor and c) want to talk about both.

Booksignings lure those sorts of people out, which is why it’s fun to go to one. It’s also a way to connect with your local writerly community, the people who don’t venture online or go to critique groups. It was great to celebrate Therese’s debut with friends. It was also wonderful to be among other book-oriented folks.

There’s not much of a point to this post other than to have an excuse to share photos from Therese’s booksigning (this is the lovely display that greeted us at the entrance of River Read Books). The proprietor went all out, too, providing wine, teas, and other goodies. But the best part was watching Therese bask in the glow of an attentive audience who appreciated the hard work and dedication it takes to write a novel.

About Kathleen Bolton [4]

Kathleen Bolton is co-founder of Writer Unboxed. She writes under a variety of pseudonyms, including Ani Bolton [5]. She has written two novels as Cassidy Calloway [6]: Confessions of a First Daughter, and Secrets of a First Daughter--both books in a YA series about the misadventures of the U.S. President's teen-aged daughter, published by HarperCollins, and Tamara Blake, for the novel Slumber [7].