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La Deluge

My apologies in advance. This post is gonna be brief because I received the edits for CLASS PRESIDENT on Friday, and I have two weeks to send the revised copy back to the editors.

I’d been looking forward to their feedback since I sent them the completed draft about two weeks ago. Then my personal life exploded again, I attempted to outline another idea I have jumbling around in my head, summertime ennui kicked in and believe it or not I forgot that I’d be getting the draft back on July 18.

Then I got it. Eagerly I opened the document and . . . oy vey. Comments everywhere. By the middle of the manuscript, I began to treasure each uncommented page.

Some comments were very detailed. Some asked me to tweak scenes. No biggie. But then some asked me to write completely new scenes. That thudding sound you hear is my heart plunging into my stomach.

I’ve got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. Not that I’m complaining. I like a challenge and I got one! It was interesting to see how differently three people view a single character. And one character I created was so vivid, he’s going to get expanded scenes. That’s the part of writing collaboratively that’s really cool, when what you’ve done excites someone else’s creative juices.

So again, I’m really sorry I’ve gypped you out of a legitimate post. Hopefully I’ll have more insights to share at the end of this process, tips on how to incorporate editorial directives in the most efficient manner. I’d love to hear any tips you can share with me.

Until then, you guys, send good vibes my way!

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