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Click Here! Screenwriters’ Edition

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket [1]I haven’t posted a Click Here in a while, so here you go. Continuing with our screenwriting trend, these research links that should appeal to the Hollywood-intrigued among us.

Does your story have a clear protagonist and antagonist? It it emotionally, rather than intellectually, driven? Is there clear conflict? Does it possess an interesting “air?” Might it make a good screenplay? Hmm… Check out The Seven Tests of a Good Screenplay Idea HERE [2].

Love Chris Vogler’s Hero’s Journey and want to see it applied to a well-known flick? See how the Journey breaks down with Star Wars HERE [3].

Ask a professional screenwriter’s advice at Done Deal Professional: David H. Steinberg’s Hollywhooped HERE [4]. But before you do, check out Done Deal’s message boards [5] where you can find a wealth of great info. Here are a few of the things I picked up there:

Screenwriting freeware Celtx available HERE [6].

Read scripts at Script-O-Rama [7], Simply Scripts [8]and the Internet Movie Script Database [9].

Wordplay resource site has loads of articles, FAQs and forums for the would-be-screenwriter, including some first drafts of some famous scripts. Check them out HERE [10]. (Psst, the first draft of Pirates of the Caribbean is HERE [11].)

The Movie Clichés List [12]provides “a list of the most annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes found in movies.”

Also, great article there by Steven King called Writing for the Third Eye [13]—an article about writing stories as if you’re writing for the movies. A quote from the piece, “…the most important thing that film and fiction share is an interest in the image — the bright picture that glows in the physical eye or in the mind’s eye.”

Write on, all!

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