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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting [1]It’s that time of year again: Time to gather receipts and hope you actually brought in more than you spent on writing! Here are a few links I’ve culled from here and there (many from Charlotte Dillon’s excellent Links for Writers page [2]) to help you in your quest to make this year’s tax season a cool-and-easy ride to profit.

Linkies Galore:

Taxes for Writers [3]by Cyn Mason

Authors and the Internal Revenue Code [4]by Linda Lewis

Writers Guide to Taxes [5]by Linda Adams and Emory Hackman

A Little Tax Advice for Writers [6]by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Fiction Factor links by Julian Block on:
Profit vs. Pleasure: Rules on Losses [7]
Estimated Taxes: Another Deadline Coming Up [8]
Award Winning Writers, Photographers and Artists are Losers Under the Tax Laws [9]
How Long to Keep Financial Records [10]

TAXES AND THE WRITER [11]at Publish Lawyer

A Home Business and Taxes [12] article by Teresa Stone

Here are a few links specific to freelancers as well. Good tips within that can apply to any kind of writer:

Taxes for Freelancers [13]by Durant Imboden

Tax Answers for Freelance Writers [14] at About.com

From Fiction Factor:
Filing Time Reminders for Freelancers [15]
Better Tax Breaks for Freelancers [16]

Want to know even more? You can buy a book on the subject, Writer’s Pocket Tax Guide [17], at Foolscap & Quill’s.

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