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Click Here: Keeping it Light Edition

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting [1]I’m back from my Floridian adventures. Yes, we saw Cinderella’s castle and had breakfast with Goofy and all that jazz. It was surprisingly chilly, but we still had a blast, then headed to the beach for a few days to enjoy shell hunting and the faint whisper of warm sunshine on our skin. We didn’t have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings; instead, we had lemon chicken and green beans with garlic butter and key lime pie [Kathleen injects Homer Simpson drool noise here], and we ate it in lawn chairs on the patio of our little beach house. It’s the first Thanksgiving I can remember not feeling like I was going to pop after eating the meal, and it was kind of refreshing! So, in honor of my unconventional holiday, I’m posting a Keeping it Light Click Here – a collection of links I hope you’ll enjoy.

Need humor for your current wip? Check out the Wacky Laws Homepage [2]. By perusing these chuckle-worthy decrees, you’ll learn, for example, that it’s illegal to carry an ice-cream cone in your pocket in Lexington, Kentucky (that’s just got to make it into my next story).

You can always find something interesting and idea-sparking at the Guinness Book of World Records [3] site.

Word affectionados will appreciate “words that are fun to say.” The list is HERE [4].

Creating a character outside of your age group? You can get a clue about his/her generation by visiting this great website, which, when fed a birth date, provides a list of historical events and the corresponding age of the person when said events happened. Click HERE [5] to check it out.

For an interesting old wives tale click HERE [6].

Just for fun, visit the Shakespearean Curse generator HERE [7]. After all, it’s not everyday you’re called a “dankish pinch-spotted coxcomb!”

Need your characters to play it smart in a tough situation? Check out Worst Case Scenarios [8]for some intriguing possibilities!

It takes only a second of your anonymous time (and none of your money) to donate food to the needy at The Hunger Site [9]. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting [1]While you’re there, visit their sister sites (for breast cancer research, children’s health care, rainforest conservation and helping abandoned animals). These clicks can really make a difference!

Write on, all!

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