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Related Sites

These sites often have related material of interest to writers.


A. Victoria Mixox, Editor: A fiction advice column.

Acronym Server: "You can search here for acronyms and for words used in acronyms."

Agent in the Middle: Blog from agent Lori Perkins who has sold more than 2,000 titles.

Agent Kate: A blog written by a literary agent dispensing some good advice.

Agent Obscura: Recommended. A literary agent's blog featuring some good down to Earth advice.

Agent 007 on Publishing: Appears to be a blog that goes behind the scenes of book publishing and agenting. 1/25/09: Site archived.

Airleaf Victims: Recommended. A blog dedicated to exposing the activites of Airleaf.

Airleaf Victims Fightback: Recommended. An authors' action group.

All Area Codes: Recommended. This should be useful to many including writers who want to make their fiction writing seem more realistic.

all that's new(s) from A to Z: Blog featuring news from The Zack Company along with insights into the publishing industry.

Anti-Bookner: A blog countering the Bookner site's claims.

Art Department, The: Recommended. Blog features opinions from a artist's viewpoint. This is new. P&E hopes it succeeds.

Art Gallery, The: Professional and Semi Professional's artwork for sale (paintings and prints/posters). We maintain the website for them, and the only charge, we take a 20% commision of whatever sells.

Ask the Agent: A blog produced by Literary Agent Andy Ross.

At Last! Writer Beware Blogs! A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss Reveal All!: Highly recommended. Great insight into publishing scams.

Author's Market: Misleading and distorted facts. Not recommended. Appears to be a publishing primer produced by PublishAmerica that recommends only PublishAmerica and its associated web sites. Visit Nick Mamatas, Rachel S. Heslin, and Keith Snyder's sites for sensible facts concerning Author's Market.

Authors Speak Out!: Misleading and distorted facts. Not recommended. Features opinions from Airleaf, a publisher and book seller, in response to so-called "POD attacks". Readers are cautioned that the site contains numerous falsehoods even though it does clear up why they changed their name from Bookman to Airleaf. Site claims to be a forum, but comments must be emailed in and are thus subject to editorial review before those can be posted. Consequently, P&E feels the site will remain heavily biased and should be viewed with that in mind.

Authorworks Fiction Database: includes brief summaries of published and unpublished works for review worldwide, over the Internet. The database can be viewed by anyone: publishers, editors, agents, authors, or interested readers. (contributed by Howard Berenbon)


BackList, The: Publishing and literary news along with featured guest bloggers.

Backstory: "Where authors share the secrets, the truths, or just the illogical moments that sparked our fiction."

BayTSP, Inc.: A copyright protection service.

Beatrice: "Ron Hogan "delivers daily literary news with an even tone and an open mind" -- NYTBR."

Best-SellingAuthor.com: Spams. Not recommended. This company sells a product purported to contain "Everything You Need to Know to Become a Best-Selling Author". P&E asks: If their system works, why isn't it on a best-seller list?

Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland: An organization that represents consumers and businesses in an effort to resolve complaints and other problems. 2/11/09: Recent changes in the BBB rating system are very welcome.

Big Bad Book Blog: Features publishing information. Well presented.

BigYellow: A search engine. Useful for finding publisher and magazine web sites by category. Link broken.

Black Hole: Highly recommended. Site giving response times for submissions to many popular speculative fiction publications.

Blurbings.com: A site that sells blurbs for books. P&E saw no statements, standards, or other criteria about quality control that might insure the process delivers useful blurbs to its customers. We hope that will be addressed.

Book Blogger Directory: Recommended. A site listing book blogs.

Book Inq.: A book reviewer's blogside view of the literary world.

Book View Cafe: A writers' cooperative offering written works for free and for sale.

BookAngst 101: A blog about publishing. Not regularly posted upon.

BOOKBEAT TV: Appears to be a shill for an upcoming contest for writers. Link broken.

bookburger: "We're on a mission to connect hungry readers with tasty reads. We serve up authors and books that may not be on the bestseller list, but oughta be on your brain-food menu."

BookEnds, LLC: A literary agency's blog.

BookFox's Ranking of Literary Journals: A blog featuring a ranking of journals of interest to writers. Editor's note: Aim for the top and work down.

Bookner: A site that permits peer review ratings meant to influence literary agents. In P&E's opinion, this simply looks like a waste of time since agents trust their own reading skills and not those of untested readers whose tastes are unknown and unquantifiable.

Books & Coffee: Appears to be a blog written by a bookstore owner offering another viewpoint into the world of publishing.

Bookseller Chick: Recommended. Excellent resource for writers.

Bookslut: Features interviews, reviews, and a blog.

BookWeb: American Booksellers Association home page.

Business as Usual: a personal blog that appears to offer an uninformed view of what's available on the Internet. P&E advises using caution in believing what this blog reports.


Cambridge Who's Who: Charges fee. Not recommended. A company purporting to publish a Who's Who directory. Formerly known as Manchester Who's Who and Empire Who's Who before the two merged.

Censor the Book: Not recommended on general principle and plagiarism. A site advocating the censorship of books.

Chicken Soup : true, inspiring, and uplifting stories from the "Chicken Soup" book series. Accepts reader submissions.

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse: "Monitoring the legal climate for Internet activity." This site features an excellent discussion about Fan Fiction, also called FanFic, and copyright.

COCOA: Copyright Owners' Control of Access: Recommended. A solution offered for the problem of how much text may be displayed from copyrighted material.

Copyright Clearance Center Online: In April 1995, CCC launched CCC Online, an automated rights clearance system for registered users of CCC's transactional licensing programs (TRS and APS). CCC Online enables registered users to search for titles and royalty fees, then automates reporting activities. Contributed by Dave Davis.

Copyright Lengths by Nation As it states.

Copyright Registration Services: Not recommended. This service claims it registers copyrights, but it doesn't do it with the proper authorities. Their registration isn't worth anything and probably won't hold up in court where it would most be needed.

Creative Arts Central: At present, it's envisioned as a place to meet with other artists in the same or different fields in order to form a team. Check the site for details. Link broken.

Crossing the Threshold: Recommended. Features Locus sales announcements.


Digitz.net: "... the Internet's first true "one at a time" on-demand book printer. As a company committed to supporting the wide open marketplace of the Internet, our goal is to provide independent publishers and online booksellers with the opportunity to sell their titles one at a time with no inventory, shipping, or "industry" concerns. We want to offer our customers the freedom to make choices in how the future of the publishing industry will unfold."

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management: Recommended. A blog written by agents offering some impressive advice for writers.


eBook Profit Bundle: This business intends to sell web sites they produce that sell ebooks for individuals to operate after they find a host for their business site. P&E is not impressed by this offer.

eBookNet: "Your total source for electronic book hardware, content, information, e-publishing, e-book news, and reviews!"

eBookNews.com: Not recommended. "provides the most recent news about developing electronic book technology for consumers and authors, as well as ebook sales and electronic book publishing. We also provide ebook reviews and downloadable ebooks."

Eclectics: Not recommended. A web design business.

Electronic Privacy Information Center: might be of interest to anyone using the Internet.

Erma Bombeck screen saver: "As part of the 2002 Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop, the University of Dayton has created an Erma Bombeck screen saver especially for writers. The screen saver, which comes in both PC and Mac formats, is packed with motivational quotes from Erma, including "Writers do not have a market on procrastination. Even brain surgeons take a coffee break" and "I was thirty-seven when I went to work writing the column. I was too old for a paper route, too young for Social Security, and too tired for an affair." Link reported broken.

Estimating How Many Books Sold by Amazon: This appears to be well researched.

Evil Editor: Highly recommended. Excellent reading for writers.

Eye on the Web: features writing, art, and music links.


First Amendment.Org: site interested in preserving the First Amendment.

FLATLINE Illustrations: commercial company capable of providing illustrations for manuscripts.

Foreword: A Book Design Blog: Recommended. An interesting site concentrating on book covers.

Freelance Daily (and Suzanne Franco): Copyright abuse. Not recommended. A freelancer's blog.

Fresh Books: A blog covering agency contracts, the co-accounting clause, trends in tech publishing, plenty of links to other publishing blogs and sites of interest as well as regular agency news. This one looks good.

Future of Publishing, The: A blog about the future of publishing. Editor's note: Their "Laws" are very much on target. Ignore them at your peril.


GalleyCat: A well informed publishing industry publication.

Gawker: "daily Manhattan media news and gossip."

Gebbie Press: Publishes an all-in-one media directory particularly useful for publicity purposes.

Gent's Outlook, A: A blog allegedly written by a literary agent. His advice appears to counter much of that given out by many agents, editors, publishers, and writers. Caution is advised in using his advice. On the plus side, he often accepts and posts non-flattering comments opposed to his viewpoints.

Gigabooks Hand Binding Headquarters: Offers info on making professional-looking trade paperbacks by hand, on demand. Make one copy or hundreds, quickly, easily and cheaply. We have inexpensive hand-binding presses, computer-printable cover stock, and easy-to-understand instructions. We also offer free sf stories, including a full-length sf adventure novel about aliens with edible, and incredibly delicious, tails, original animated gifs, and more.

Grumpy Old Bookman: "A blog about books and publishing."

Guide to Literary Agents: Recommended. A blog featuring information about literary agents. Looks useful and timely.


Helium: A diverse site featuring forums, critique areas, and more.

House of Speculative Fiction: dead

Honest Critiques: A blog operated by an editor who is offering free critiques of excerpts or stories up to 1,000 words in length.

How Publishing Really Works: "Unlike the wonderful Writer Beware I tend not to cover specific publishers and problems (although I do on occasion), and to do my best to present a general view of the publishing world. I'd categorise it primarily as publishing-related, and sometimes writing-related; but always focussed on helping writers do better rather than being an industry news-spot."


I Write Like: Not recommended. P&E's editor tried it three times with an excerpt, same text but a bit longer each time from the same manuscript, and received three different answers. Look out Dan Brown, Neil Gaiman, and Mario Puzo. Strange, but it doesn't seem to give any bad results. The results are only complimentary.

In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood: Another blog that touches upon writing and publishing.

Independent Pen: Not recommended. "a network of freelance writers who have formed a strategic alliance to offer one-stop writing, editorial, ghostwriting and marketing communications services to our clients at affordable rates."

Independent Publishers Group: Distributor for a large number of small and independent publishers.

Ingram Book Group: Recommended. "a leading wholesaler of trade books and related products."
For recent book sales you can call Ingram's automated system at (615) 213-6803 and put in the ISBN. It will tell you how many copies have been ordered. This does not, of course, include sales numbers for books ordered directly from publishers' web sites.

International Alliance of Grantwriters and Nonprofit Consultants, The (IAOGWANC): Not recommended. An international support network for grantwriters and nonprofit consultants.

IPKat: Information about UK and European legal cases involving intellectual property.


13 Mar 07 - 2007 JDRF Auction: An online auction to benefit finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. See the site for details. Items for auction are at http://www.brendanovak.com/auction_itemList.php and should prove of great interest to writers.

Jennifer Jackson: A writer's blog about publishing and writing from her viewpoint. Interesting.

Jet Reid Literary Agency: An interesting blog from a literary agency. Doesn't post too often.


Kit Whitfield: A writer's blog with great advice for other writers, particularly those new to the field.


L&L Literary Coaching: A business that offers litarary and student paper preparation services. P&E saw no list of successes.

'LAAC' - Gateway to the Literary Arts Allied Collective: site for writers, publishers, and agents.

Language Log: Recommended. Excellent reading for writers.

Lesa's Book Critiques: A site featuring reviews of books with an emphasis on mysteries.

Library of Congress: Could be of use to writers and readers.

Lighthouse Writing Tips: A blog featuring daily writing tips for fiction and non-fiction.

Line & Sinker Trust, The: A blog about music.

Lit Agent X: Recommended. Features opinions from a literary agent's viewpoint. Well worth reading regularly.

Lit Soup: Interesting blog for writers.

Literary Agent Jeff Kleinman: A blog written by an agent offering sound advice for writers.

Literary Agent News: A blog listing literary agents and news about them. P&E advises caution. This site does not vet listings to point out substandard or scam agents whom it might list. Nor is all its information accurate.

Literary Rejections on Display: An unforgettable site that writers should visit at least once.


Man in Black, The: A blog written by an editor and author offering another viewpoint into the world of publishing.

Market Finder: A listing of paying markets that writers will find useful.

Michele Gorman: A blogging site commenting on review sites.

Mini Garg: Offers translation (English/Hindi)and other services.

Miss Snark (closed, archives still online): Highly recommended. A blog written by a literary agent that answers some profound and ordinary questions about publishing.

MobyLives: Features news and publishing gossip.

Model Contracts: Recommended. A feature well worth visiting on the SFWA site.

Mozy: Recommended. Site features up to 2gb backup space for free. This could be useful to writers seeking to protect their manuscripts or make them available while traveling from other computers.


Nathan Bransford: Recommended. Interesting blog from an agent who works in the San Francisco office for Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Newbie's Guide to Publishing, A: This blog covers interesting aspects of writing.

News from The Zack Company, Inc.: An interesting blog written by a knowledgeable literary agent.

NorthWest Writers: Site serves as a promotional, informational and community building resource, and can augment your promotional efforts in a cost-effective manner while bringing a worldwide audience to your work for Author/Writers of the Pacific Northwest, which includes: Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada.

Nuvomedia, Inc.: Recommended. Makers of the RocketBook ™, a portable, handheld electronic book.



penguin blog, the: Blog from publisher Penguin featuring information on new books, industry gossip, and advice on how to be published.

Permissions Company, The: "My company both administers rights for publishing houses, agents, authors, and estates, and requests permissions on behalf of publishing houses and authors, mostly in the literary fiction & poetry areas. I've lectured on permissions issues at a number of in-house publishing company seminars, as well as for the Association of American Publishers and the Association of Authors Representatives. I've been doing this about 13 years now. Maybe when I grow up I'll do something different, but it pays the bills!"

Plagiarism.org: useful site for finding illegal copies of one's work.

PODdy Mouth: Not recommended. Industry news on POD and self-publishing. Definitely opinionated.

Poet's Theatre: "a platform of monthly poetry readings in Hornell, N.Y."

Poetry Thursday: A poetry blog with plenty of good advice.

Pooper's Scoops : Recommended. Looks like an interesting and informative blog.

Preditors & Editors: Our mirror site courtesy of in Virtuo.

Preditors & Editors: Our primary site, courtesy of Anotherealm Magazine.

Pub Rants: Highly recommended. Blog produced by Agent Kristin. Features good common sensical advice for writers.

PubGuy: A blog about print-on-demand publishing.

Publication Services, Inc.: a book and tape distributor.

Publishers Marketing Association: is a non-profit trade association representing independent publishers throughout the U.S. (3,100 as of today). It was formed in 1983 to assist the independent publisher in their marketing efforts to the trade. The main focus of PMA is both education and marketing. We implement several programs each month to libraries, bookstores, and newspaper reviewers throughout the U.S., bringing visibility to titles produced by its members. At the PMA website you will find articles from past issues of their 40-page monthly newsletter on various topics of interest to the independent publisher (legal, distribution, content, sales & marketing); two virtual bookfairs (The Foregin Rights Virtual Bookfair, where member titles are offered to publishers worldwide for the licensing of rights; and The PMA Remainders Bookfair, where titles are offered to booksellers and remainder dealers every day), and an FAQ (frequently asked questions) site as well. Members can network through a password protected site and PMA's 20+ regional affiliates list upcoming meeting dates and location in their specific site.

Publishers Marketplace: Highly recommended. A "dedicated marketplace for publishing professionals to find critical information and unique databases, find each other, and to do business better electronically."


Query Shark: Recommended. A blog operated by Janet Reid. Should prove useful.

Query Tracker: A site featuring free tracking of queries. Very new so we don't know yet how good it is.


R. R. Bowker: Company that handles ISBN's for the United States.

Readerville: Recommended. An interesting site that appears to be geared toward readers.

Reading Under the Covers: Commentary from a freelance writer.

Rejecter, The: Highly recommended. A blog about publishing from the viewpoint of an assistant to a literary agent.

Rejection Collection.com: "featuring real rejection letters in every possible category."

REPWORLD: The blog of discount literary agency LIT4.

RingWorld -- The Webring Directory: Maybe it's not really a resource, but it can be used like one to locate web sites.

Romancing the Blog: A blog written by a roster of columnists along with featured guest bloggers with much of the content directed toward the romance genre. Very interesting.

Royalty Review LLC: A firm that specializes in recovering royalties. Contact at:
845 Third Avenue, Suite 1300
New York, NY 10022
phone 212-754-1984


ScanSoft: The maker of Dragon NaturallySpeaking ™ voice recognition software.

Scribe Share: An online writing site.

Scrivener's Error: Highly recommended. Features opinions concerning legal and political events. Often presents opinions concerning literary legal events. Well worth reading regularly.

Sepulculture: A blog about publishing.

Show Me the Money!: Recommended. Table of some typical advances paid by some publishers.

SPAN: Small Publishers Association of North America.

Spicy Green Iguana: Designed and dedicated to writers of science fiction, horror, and fantasy who are searching for new markets. Link broken.

Spilled Ink - The Writing Blog: Recommended. A blog discussing writing matters.

StarComp: Electronic market for writing and movie products.

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist: "Book marketing & publicity tips for publishers and authors by an independent book publicist."

Suvudu: A blod that explores different aspects of writing and the publishing and film industries.


TBM BookManager: Recommended. An online search engine for books and tools to manage bookstores.

TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home: Site fosters the development of electronic book access.

3rd Millenium Pros: believed defunct: A web ring composed of electronic book publishers. Link broken.

This Crazy Industry: A blog with an interesting insight of the publishing industry.

Tidy Network: Strongly not recommended!
Tripod Writers' Block Pod: A growing online community of writers and our homepages, on the website/homepage provider Tripod.com. Contributed by Rachel Barenblat. Link reported broken.


U.S. Postal Service Online: Good place to find zip codes and other information before mailing that submission.

UK Intellectual Property: "We hope to bring you all the answers to your questions and all the resources you need to find your way through the IP jungle of Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks."

ultimate guide to science-fiction/fantasy/space and surreal art on the Net!, The: A huge listing of art sites on the web.

Unknown Screenwriter, The: Features screenwriting tips and hints that are applicable to novels, too.

Unsung Critic, The: A blog that reviews screenplays. Worth visiting and reading.



Web Guard: An online organization very much concerned with and active in the protection of copyrights.

Web of Writers: A free listing of writers' web sites. Look up a writer or list yourself if you're published. Link broken.

WebSideStory's World 1000: This is really a resource in disguise. Though it might take some work, it offers categories that can be searched to find resource sites.

Whiz-Bang Studios: Graphic designs company.

Will Write For Chocolate: Delightfully different blog featuring a weekly comic strip.

Working Towards the Betterment of Publishing: A blog about publishing from the viewpoint of an author who has published with PublishAmerica.

Write About Everything!: A blog that features interesting information on writing and publishing.

Write Time, The: "a Social Network that will help Authors, Inspiring Authors, Agents and Publishing Companies to get to know each other."

writeralley™: "a local classifieds for writers and publishers'...writers can make listings about their manuscripts/proposals, for browsing publishers, agents and producers across America to review and contact them individually for more information. Most of the site is free and also caters to jobs, housing, services and personals etc."

Writer Unboxed: Recommended. Features the craft and business of genre writing.

Writer's · Mind, The ·: Interesting blog about writing.

Writers host, The: Features hosting for writers.

Writers' Life, A: Highly recommended. Blog produced by Lee Goldberg featuring incisive comments about much in the publishing industry.

WRITER'S INTERNET RESOURCE GUIDE, THE: directory of over 500 links to writers' websites, the Guide is a subscription service that we update and refresh monthly.

Writer's Postage Chart: Highly recommended. Exactly what it states.

Writing and Rambling: Features ongoing commentary by literary agent, Nephele Tempest.

Writing on the Fly: Features ongoing commentary by P&E's editor on the development of a novel as it occurs. Discontinued due to signing in problems.

WritingRoom.com: "Enter to win writing contests. Get writing tips and writing help. Share your poetry, short stories, screenplays, articles, music lyrics, and writings of all types. Read, rate, and review writings. Join the writing now!"

written road blog: Recommended. "the inside scoop to the travel publishing world."



Yahoo's Censorship Site: worth visiting.

YouCanWrite.com: "Since 1999 YouCanWrite.com has provided realistic and helpful advice and resources to nonfiction writers who want to find out more about the publishing business and how to get published."


Zine Mart: run by a company called See Hear. Discussion about complaints concerning this business are at Deja News.

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