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Solving a First-World Blogging Problem

For some time now, WU has been struggling with a challenge. It’s a good problem to have, and a symptom of the success Therese and Kathleen have worked hard to earn, but wearisome nonetheless. Quite simply, WU receives far more applications for guest-blog posts than it can possibly accommodate. This is where I come in. […]

I Prefer My Rubber to Meet the Road

We are about to enter the season of heightened expectations and goal-setting, so I’ll offer a story which I hope you’ll find helpful, then draw some lessons for the writing life. Years ago, I was overworking and missing my kids with a ferocity I found almost frightening. I’d drop them at the sitter’s and go […]

Deadlines vs. Goal Lines: The Emotional Divide

There once was a plot line hard hittin But the writer was best known for quittin’ “No time to write,” she did fret No one objected, I bet So she never got anything written. Ahem. So. Now that these lines have demonstrated that your competition for poet laureate is at a safe distance, perhaps you […]