‘Social’ Media: ‘Sharing’ our Narcissism

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Even our photos of a church group, or a friend’s birthday, or exercise at the YMCA are, if we admit it, about us. Every photo is a “selfie.”

Alex Miller Jr., The Myth of Narcissus Goes Social

If you donated money to a hurricane relief charity via a website, you may have been asked if you wanted to share news of your donation with your Facebook friends. You may have said yes.
Jeff BercoviciCongratulations, You Voted: How Social Media Makes Us All Approval Whores

Narcissism is a solution that a terrified person takes in the face of the fear of realizing his dreams. Narcissism works. I’ve lived it myself, for many years.
Steven Pressfield,  Narcissism and Resistance


Every few months, is it? At least. Maybe every few weeks.

Somebody comes around talking narcissism and the Net, right?

The three articles referenced above — Miller, Bercovici, Pressfield — were floated out onto the glassy pond of our digital self-regard within six days of each other. Between November 2 and 8. [Read more…]