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Sir Hugh and the Snail

When Mollusks Attack We don’t know why images of armed knights fighting snails are common in 13th and 14th century illuminated manuscripts.  Through a tweet from one of my favorite authors, William Gibson, I found my way to a post by Sarah J. Biggs at the British Library. “One of our post-medieval colleagues noticed a painting of […]

To the Disconsolate Writer Who Hates Her Pace

From an anonymous email: Dear Jan: I’ve seen you describe yourself as a slow writer. I am one also, and it makes me discouraged to the point I’ve considered quitting. Do you have any advice? Ah, yes. Speed-of-sloth is the precise phrase I use, and while at one point it was a way of laughing […]

Scale: That All the Books Should Be Counted

  Caesar Augustus: All Is Forgiven And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. Luke 2:1, King James Version, New Testament That glow on the faces of so many of us Protestant ministers’ children this time of year is […]

Be Bigger Than Chickens: an Interview with Joshilyn Jackson

I fell in love with William Ashe at gunpoint, in a Circle K. It was on a Friday afternoon at the tail end of a Georgia summer so ungodly hot the air felt like it had all been boiled red. We were both staring down the barrel of an ancient, creaky .32 that could kill […]

Leveling Up: In Praise of Writer Dads

  According to my kids I’m “funny a lot” and make them laugh. I’m a goofball. My wife says I’m excited because I have my perfect audience right now. I’m yucking it up for all I can get, because I know that shit’ll evaporate come twelve or thirteen. Hopefully by then they’ll like video games, […]

“The Inflexible Routines”

  I was withdrawing deeper into myself, isolating myself from my surroundings, settling into the routines—the inflexible routines—I have before each match and that continue right up to the start of play. This is from Rafael Nadal’s sometimes surprisingly candid book, Rafa, written with John Carlin. Listen for that light, self-effacing Majorcan accent, our Mediterranean catch of the day, […]

A Writerly Pilot Light

I don’t know why it always surprises me. I’ve been here before. And I was warned before my first time. Those ahead of me on their writerly journeys said it again and again: “The waiting is hell.” And yet I find I have to relearn it. Every time. Waiting. Hell. As fiction writers, at some […]

Are You Lonesome Tonight? The Dreaded Solitude of Writing

  It’s right there on the Beeb: This week Robert [McCrum] contemplates the loneliness of writers, and the things they give up to spend hours in their rooms with only their novel for company. Ah, yes, the fabled “loneliness of writers.” Where the pleasures of solitude are sometimes indistinguishable from the perils of isolation. It’s […]

I Know Nothing of Your Work

  An artist is one who does not live on the timeline that connects the events that take place around us. That’s Brian O’Leary. Know him? Rather, the artist sees the actors, events, and collisions all at once, from a vantage point that few others share. O’Leary is one of the most committed thinkers we have […]

We’d Love Your Input on the Inboxed

Will you help us serve you better? We’re hoping you’ll donate 2-5 minutes of your time to provide confidential feedback on Writer Inboxed, WU’s bimonthly newsletter. (Contains tips on the craft and business of writing, as well as interviews with premier authors.) Not familiar with Writer Inboxed? That’s okay. We’d still like your input. Have […]

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I was recently in St. Louis and went to church with a long time friend. As we were coming out, a mother, father and little boy were just ahead of us. The boy was about three, dressed nattily in a tie and crisp trousers, and over his mother’s shoulder, he was reaching for the church […]

A Major Publisher Jumps the Shark

[Publishers'] savings on printing, binding and distribution make up for the lower revenue from lower ebook prices– and increased profitability is coming entirely off the backs of authors. Those are Brian DeFiore‘s words, emphasis mine, in an article important to writers. The 10 salient words here are suitable for memorization: Increased profitability is coming entirely off the […]