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The I of the Swarm

This post concerns character and voice, but I’m going to start by discussing bees. And Denis Diderot. In his novel Rameau’s Nephew, Diderot disputed the notion of a distinct and singular human personality. He considered this a holdover from the days of superstition—it smacked of a soul, and other discardable pieties. Using as a mouthpiece […]

Voice and Structure: A Planner’s Perspective

I’m currently working on a novel called Dreamer’s Wood, first installment in the Blackthorn & Grim series, and my deadline is getting uncomfortably close. Indeed, the story is so much in my head at present that I really had no choice but to write about it for this month’s post. Dreamer’s Wood, a historical fantasy/mystery […]

Flying Fingers or Tapping Toes: Art is Art is Art

First there were difficulties securing a vehicle, then foot tendinitis, then unprotected chest met deck edge, leading to multiple rib fractures. (At which time my mantra became Go pain killers! Yay for modern pharmacology!) Between one thing and another, it seemed like life was conspiring to keep me from fitness-dancing. When I restarted this January, […]

A Dog’s-eye view

I had a concept in mind that had been nagging away at me for months, demanding to be crafted into a story. Two concepts, in fact, one about a cat and one about two dogs. Both seemed ideal for inclusion in my short fiction collection, Prickle Moon. I made numerous attempts to write these stories, […]

Find Your Voice, Find Your Power

I just got back from attending the RWA National Conference in Anaheim. Every time I had to walk across the lobby, I would brace myself in preparation for the voices of two thousand women as they enthusiastically talked about books and writing, publishing and life. The din was intense, but not nearly as intense as […]

Justine Musk on Badassery, Identity, and Writing

The tagline of her popular blog reads “because you’re a creative badass.” In a single post on creativity, she might draw from neurologic, evolutionary, psychological, and anthropologic principles. She’s visited the Congo with Eve Ensler of The Vagina Monologues and to support Eve’s non-profit, V-Day, with its aim of ending violence against women, my guest […]

Listen to YOUR Voice

Your voice already exists, right now, every time you sit down to write. It is inescapable—your voice is you. Voices can be obscured, even buried, under avalanches of helpful advice and nudges to be more literary or more commercial or less gritty or less sexual, but it cannot be entirely lost. I was once hiking […]

Switching voices

I know a thing or two about writing in multiple voices. My day job as a feature writer and editor requires me to write in a standard journalistic voice. Before I was hired by Working Partners to write YA novels, I wrote historicals. The First Daughter series is heavy on contemporary teenage lingo, like, OMG yannow?. And now […]

Voice 101

One of the hardest elements to explain to aspiring writers is voice. It’s not enough to say ‘voice is how you tell the story’. In fact, where voice is concerned, it’s easier to show, not tell, and the most effective way to show is by reading aloud. Most of my favourite writers are outstanding users […]