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Dream Come True: Bringing a Great Classic Back to Life

The changes in the publishing industry in recent times can seem really daunting and, like most writers, there are times when I’ve thought dark thoughts about just what the future might hold. But if there are many challenges in the new landscape of publishing, there are also great new opportunities. The rise of self-publishing is […]

On Not Giving Up

This week, my new adult novel, first in a big new series called Trinity, is coming out. I’m going to be celebrating even more than usual, because this one’s had a long hard road to publication, with nearly four years and several rejections before it was accepted. Even though I’m a well-established author with many […]

Poetry for Children

The arrival of a first grandchild is always a big event in any person’s life, and when that person is a writer, then a lot of the amazing and often unexpected emotions that are triggered by this joyous event find release and expression in what we find as natural as breathing—writing. But it can be […]

In Between Worlds

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved fairy tales, myths, legends, and fantasy. It’s something I responded to instinctively as a young reader, and something I took to easily as a young writer, too. In my imagination and my dreams, journeying to those magical worlds seemed to me as natural as breathing. Of course I […]

Take Five with Sophie Masson: The Romance Diaries

January 1st marks the official release day for Sophie Masson‘s latest YA novel published in Australia, The Romance Diaries: Ruby (ABC Books, Harper Collins, available both as paperback and e-book). We’re so pleased she’s with us today to tell us a little more about it, and give us some extra inside scoop, following our Take […]

Holiday Reading Then and Now

Therese and Kath sneaking in for a second to say Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers! As it’s heading into the festive season, I want to do something a bit special this month, and look both back and forward to the joys of childhood holiday reading, in both my own words and those of three writer […]

Sidekicks and Henchmen

Last month I wrote about the major, extreme types of fictional characters, the heroes and villains. Today I want to briefly make some observations about the minor kinds of characters known as ‘sidekicks’ (often used to denote good characters, but sometimes neutrally) and ‘henchmen'(used only to denote minor bad characters). Firstly though it’s important to […]

Heroes and Villains

Heroes and villains–they’re of course at opposite end of the spectrum, in terms of characters, but they share more than might be obvious at first glance, and if you’re in the business of writing fiction and creating such characters, it can be useful to think about those things. Of course, the principal element that heroes […]

Putting Together a Collection of Shorts

As readers of Writer Unboxed know, I’ve recently launched myself into a bit of an adventure through founding my own micro-publisher, Sixteen Press. My first Sixteen Press e-book, a collection of my fantasy/supernatural short stories for a crossover readership (adult and young adult) titled The Great Deep and other Tales of the Uncanny, is now […]

Re-Versioning, not Retelling

As readers of Writer Unboxed probably already know, fairytales are a big inspiration for me, and elements of fairy-tale creep into a good many of my novels. However, it’s been a while since I’ve written a novel that was very firmly in fairy-tale territory, based directly on a famous fairytale, and doing so has made […]