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Rogue Novels

About a year ago, we hired a company to clean our carpets. The gentleman who arrived at our door looked like someone who would be, perhaps, even better suited to perform at a bachelorette party. But Therefore I opened the door wide for him and spent the next few hours pretending to write as he […]

You Can Get (Almost) Anything on EBay

As I write this post, EBay has sixty active listings for “full suit of armor.” Some are shiny silver, others are bronze. Some have gaudy feathers on the helmet, others offer chain mail accents. A few promise a complimentary battle axe. The prices range from $10-$9,650, and twenty listings offer free shipping. But as long […]

Imagine Saving a Life: An Indie Bookstore Pledge

I’ve never really considered myself hero material. I don’t have the right footwear. I need at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night. When I stand up too fast, I get a little dizzy and have to bend over for about five seconds until the blood rushes to all the right places. My most unheroic […]