Characterize through Experiential Description, Part 2

It was 5 years ago that I wrote a post for Writer Unboxed on using experiential description to add characterization to a narrative. Pause for HOLY COW, 5 YEARS!? Yep, it was 2007. My, how time gallops. I coined the phrase “experiential description” to express the blending of a character’s perceptions of a setting, person, […]

Here Comes the Judge

This week I judged about 25 entries for a fiction-writing contest at an upcoming writers’ conference at which I’m also doing a workshop. My task was to name first-place and second-place choices. I found 2 that I could honestly say deserved a “win.” Now, each of these 25 or so writers did the best they […]

Thank You, Day Job

Although I’m now the full-time operator of my own book editing and design business, before that I spent a few decades as a writer for companies and a university. I think my day-job writing has informed and strengthened what I do now as an author, editor, and designer. Maybe you have a similar story in […]

Unboxed Avenues to Book Sales

1. Unbox your thinking Books are sold in bookstores, both brick-and-mortar and online, and in racks that you find at drugstores and airports and big-box stores. Right? Yes, but if you can identify an audience with an enhanced interest in an aspect of your book, there could be more places to sell it if you […]