Who’s Afraid of Reader Analytics?

Like A Wolf, They’re Tracking You, Virginia On the way to the digital disruption of the industry! the industry! we online news people (remember news people?) realized that advertisers were asking for — and getting — more and more data based on how our readers were using our work. In the Ante-Digital Era: At a newspaper, the staff (in […]

In Our CyberVillage: So Much Anger

Calling Them Out IRL, in real life, if you were mad at someone for something, would you walk into the village square, face the buildings, and start yelling that person’s name and your complaints about them? You’d be calling them out, physically, demanding that they change their ways and accusing them of wrongdoing in front […]

Trade Shows, Authors, and Expectations

What If We’re Asking Too Much of Our Book Fairs? When our good colleague Jael McHenry wrote What You Would Have Learned at BEA earlier this month, she did a fine job of listing some of the common views and assumptions among many writers about the industry’s major trade shows. Excerpting here: If you’re an aspiring […]

The Dreaded Training Debate: What If It Can’t Be Taught?

No, this is not about talent vs. skill. Let’s just set that aside for today, shall we? There’s no need to engage the ineffable this time. “Like toadstools,” one seasoned observer called it in a note to me recently — this sudden proliferation of “author services,” especially the ones there to teach you, instruct you, […]

‘Take Charge of Your Own Book’: Writing a Personal God

‘One of those guys who refused to enter temples’ Bear with me, I want to quote an author to you at a little length: My books are historicals. They’re set in the India of 4,000 years ago…My books are based on a premise that Lord Shiva was a real historical man, who lived 4,000 years […]