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Navy Commander Rick Campbell Makes Waves by Penning Military Thrillers

Unboxeders, I hope you’ll join me today in welcoming retired Navy Commander Rick Campbell to Writer Unboxed for a brief interview about his writing. For more than twenty-five years, as we slept on pillow-topped queen-sized mattresses, he claimed a rack aboard one of four nuclear submarines, working to keep us safe. On his last submarine, […]

What Your Writer’s Resume Says About Your Chances for Recognition

Lately, a new mantra has caught on: “There’s no better time to be a writer.” Not only has self-publishing helped open the doors to so many aspiring authors, but the online world has created more opportunities than ever before to build a platform, network and self-promote. From a schmoozing and promotion perspective, anything seems possible. […]

The Online Presence That’s a Natural Extension of Who You Are and What You Do. (Is It Just Fantasy?)

I’ve been reading with interest (and sympathy) the comments on Porter Anderson’s Unboxed post last week, where we see the familiar Sturm und Drang of writers grappling with the demands of online marketing—or how to be publicly communicative and chummy when it’s against our nature, perhaps even against our work. This has remained a problem for a […]

Marketing Tips for Agents and Authors

When I chatted with Teri a few months ago about this post, I wanted to tackle the question of money and advances and marketing dollars. I was feeling frustrated that certain publishers continued to make seven figure offers on debuts which no doubt continued to take the wind out of the sales of every other […]

Are You Publishable or Not? Reading the Tea Leaves.

Writing never feels more lonely than after you’ve sent your manuscript out to every agent and publisher you can think of and gotten nowhere.  Of course, you can always take comfort in the long list of massively successful books that were initially rejected by nearly everyone who saw them.  But for every brilliant book that […]

After You Publish

Back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and some friends launched a social networking website in his dorm room — Facebook.  By 2007, he was a billionaire.  In 1995, J. K. Rowling typed the manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on a manual typewriter and, after numerous rejections, sold it to Bloomsbury Press for an […]

Design a Book Cover for Less than $50

More and more authors want to publish ebooks and need covers, but many don’t feel they can afford the services of a designer. To be frank, I see author-created covers that do not serve the author well. But I also see well-done covers, so I thought I’d offer some resources for creating professional book covers […]

Do You Know Who Your Audience Is? No, Really: Do You?

I heard this from a writer in a class I am teaching: “I have been struggling with the “who is my audience piece.” They hadn’t realized that before they figure out WHAT they want to say, they need to understand who their ideal audience really is. I would like to say that this is the […]

Don’t Be A Tourist In Your Community Of Readers

Kath here. Please welcome Dan Blank to WU today. Many of you may already know Dan as the founder of WeGrowMedia.com, providing writers and publishers the strategy and tactics they need to impact their communities and build their legacies. He has worked with more than 500 writers, a wide range of publishers, and regularly speaks at conferences […]

The Book’s The Thing: A Conversation with Elizabeth Law, Vice President and Publisher of Egmont USA

I first heard Elizabeth Law speak at a SCBWI National Conference where the title of her talk was, “Ask Me Anything—The Unvarnished Truth About Publishing.” Right then and there, I knew she was my kind of person. Then, during the course of the conference when she told attendees, “Just write your heart out. I promise […]