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Everything I Need to Know About Plot, I Learned From Buffy

photo by Jaina

A couple of weeks ago, a client told me one of his beta readers had said his book read like a comic book.  I asked why that was a bad thing.

Granted, you don’t want your characters to be shallow caricatures or your plot to be mechanical or contrived, which is what many people mean by “reads like a comic book.”  But all of this client’s characters were fully rounded and plausibly human.  Even the psychopath who hunted […]

It’s a funny world.

A lot of humorous novels build the comedy into the characters.  We watch two hapless lovers stumble toward each other in rom-coms or pull themselves out of increasingly bizarre situations in screwballs.  You can write this kind of humor with nothing more than insight into human nature and enough love for your characters to laugh at them.  But you need a different set of skills to create a book where the comedy is built into your fictional world, whether it’s the […]

Will Write For Chocolate: Old School Writing

I know some of you write by hand on a regular basis, but I’ve gotten very used to my keyboard. Just recently, however, I’ve started purposely writing in an old-fashioned paper notebook from time to time. I find that there’s something liberating about being able to brainstorm new story ideas on paper, plus it gives me freedom to scribble and doodle along the way. What about the rest of you? Do you do most of your writing on the computer? […]

12 Days Of Writer (Unboxed) Christmas

In case any of you can’t read the tiny text under “4 Lovely ARCS,” the covers are from Therese Walsh’s MOON SISTERS novel, which comes out in March, 2014. If you’ve been enjoying Writer Unboxed, I strongly encourage you to show your support by pre-ordering Therese’s book as well as marking it “Want To Read” on Goodreads. I’ve started reading Therese’s book and LOVE it so far; you can find out more about MOON SISTERS on Therese’s website as well […]

Comic: Finding Focus

Comic: Grammar Police (and Comic Caption Winner from last time)

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in my Comic Caption Contest from last month. So many wonderful entries!

Congrats to Linda W., who came up with the winning caption:


“Of course I’m having a bier. Why aren’t you drinking a Bloody Mary?” — Ray Pace

“I may have a book deal, but at least you still have your hair.” — CG Blake

”I’m telling you dude, zombies and vampires have no respect these days. I can’t believe they gave the part to the werewolf.” — […]

Comic Caption Challenge: Book Characters At A Bar (plus my exciting book news!)

Any caption suggestions? Please post below in the comments section – please post one caption at a time, and let someone else post a comment before posting another. Vote for the caption(s) you like by clicking on “Like.” Caption suggestion with the most Likes by Sat. May 18th gets a selection of writer-focused greeting cards from my Zazzle shop. I reserve the right to veto a caption if I consider it inappropriate or offensive.

My recent exciting news: I have a two-book […]

Comic: Writer At Tax Time

Comic: A Good Hook


News since the last time I posted: I’m delighted to announce I’ll be illustrating Michael Ian Black’s new picture book, NAKED! See the announcement in Entertainment Weekly. Scheduled for publication in Summer

Comic: Writers’ Resolutions


I do admit that I waver between making New Year’s Resolutions and not making them, depending on the year and how I’m feeling. I LOVE Juliet Marillier’s Nine Good Gifts For The New Year (posted earlier in the week) so felt compelled to add one of her Gifts to my comic

Writers: Enjoy Every Success, No Matter How Small

The quote “Writers: enjoy every success, no matter how small” came from Nathan Bransford, and it’s such good advice. Sometimes we get so obsessed with some big goal (getting published, writing a bestseller, etc.) that we forget to enjoy good moments along the way. — Debbie

p.s. If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year, I encourage you to check out the daily NaNoToons that my friend Errol Elumir and I are posting to NaNoToons.net. You may also want to check out a […]

Comic: A Writer’s Journey

To fellow Canadian writers out there: Happy Thanksgiving! I’m up at the cottage right now, so decided to do an autumn-themed format this