Plot vs Story

I just watched this very interesting clip of an interview with Martin Scorsese, in which he talks about the distinction between story and plot. (Go ahead and watch it; it’s only 2 minutes). Essentially he defines plot as the bare bones of what happens in a movie–the basic outline.  Story involves the characters, the cinematography choices, […]

Marketing Mash-up

I’m in the throes this week of at long last putting the final, finishing touches on The Impossible Book (insert huge, slightly crazy-eyed sigh of relief here) so my post this month is a bit of a mash-up.  Part news bulletin, part platform/marketing advice, part philosophical reflection.  Have I scared everyone off yet?  Well, if not […]


 There’s a lot of talk in the writing/publishing world about contracts.  Author/Agent contracts, publisher’s contracts, advances, foreign rights, non-exclusivity clauses.  But those aren’t actually the kind of contracts I wanted to talk about today.  I want to talk about the most basic contract of all in the writing business–and it’s not one you sign in […]