How Reading (and Writing) Obituaries Can Improve Your Fiction

Great characters are the heart and soul of every great novel. And even though I’ve published three novels, I struggle every time with how to make my characters real—rich, multi-dimensional, relatable. Recently, in the middle of my current WIP, I discovered something that has changed character writing for me forever: Obituaries. I needed to write […]

Feelings Without Names

The fleeting beauty of life.  The irony of it all.  A nameless dread.  The exquisite ache of inexpressible love. Is there a greater art than evoking a feeling that has no name?  When readers feel those it’s magic.  It’s pure human connection, silent but nevertheless potent heart to heart sharing.  It’s like when couples who’ve […]

The Elephant in My Living Room

Therese here to introduce our newest regular contributor, Kim Bullock. If you’re a part of WU’s Facebook community, you’ll certainly be no stranger to Kim, who has long been a part of the Mod Squad there. Kim has also become a valued right hand for me here at Writer Unboxed, and as one of WU’s […]