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PhotobucketWhen Jan O’Hara learned she would need to create a bio page for Writer Unboxed, her first thought was, “Fantastic. Finally the opportunity to practice my pirate-speak.” That Kathleen and Therese saw it otherwise should not be held against them.

Jan left her writing dreams behind for years to practice family medicine. She provided birth-to-death healthcare and served as a clinical preceptor while teaching medical students and residents at the University of Alberta.

She came to understand the importance of hope during a time when she had little of her own, and still less ability to inspire it in others. That’s why, when made director of a family medicine center, she facilitated its hope-focussed transformation – a change that rippled through the local healthcare system. In a good way.

Jan lives in Alberta, Canada with her long-suffering husband and two children. Once obsessed with helping people professionally, she now spends her days torturing them on paper. See? Happily Ever Afters really do exist.

If she’s not hanging about WU, find Jan at her citrusy haunt, Tartitude, or on Twitter.

Oh, and yarrr.