Honorary Contributors

Once Kath and I both became published, we felt there was a hole in the cast at Writer Unboxed: the voice of the Unpublished Writer. We asked if you’d like to see that role filled, and you answered with a resounding yes. We got pretty serious about the search. We asked for writing samples, and for candidates to submit As to our Qs. To say that we had a hard time choosing one person to fill the role would be a vast understatement.

We did choose a wonderful and perfect-for-us unpublished contributor in the end: Jan O’Hara. And we got a little greedy, too, asking our other finalists to blog with us three times a year. We call these finalists our Honorary Contributors, and here they are:

Check out their websites, and look for their posts here, too. They are all gifted writers. (Case in point, Anne Brown already has a book deal with Random House, and Erika Robuck with NAL/Penguin.) We’re thrilled they’re with us!