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Provocations in Publishing: “Engineering Serendipity”

Coined by the British aristocrat Horace Walpole in a 1754 letter, [serendipity] long referred to a fortunate accidental discovery. Today serendipity is regarded as close kin to creativity — the mysterious means by which new ideas enter the world. But are hallway collisions really the best way to stoke innovation? − Engineering Serendipity, April 5, […]

A ‘Logic Model’ for Author Success

“Managing our career.” “Managing our expectations.” “Managing our resources and time.” All these “management” terms being applied to the writing life — with good reason — can make it sound like we might actually need an MBA to reach our goals as writers. In fact, in this age of the “writer as an entrepreneur” responsible […]

Presenting to School Students: top tips

How do you feel about public speaking? Author talks? Writing workshops? If, like me, you’re the introverted kind of writer, more comfortable in the world of the imagination than out on centre stage, that part of the job can be as much ordeal as opportunity. But we all know how necessary those public appearances are, […]

The WHYs of Book Club Questions

We’re thrilled to have Mollie Lundquist of LitLovers here today, who describes herself as “an English teacher gone mad.” LitLovers grew out of an online course she taught a few years ago. It was so much fun, she decided to go public. She says: LitLovers has brought together my lifelong love of reading, writing, and teaching. The […]

Envy: a Lesson in What Not to Do

A couple of weeks ago, an author in the UK named Lynn Shepherd made one of the more bafflingly boneheaded moves I’ve seen in a long time, by posting a blog on the Huffington Post entitled “If JK Rowling Cares About Writing, She Should Stop Doing It.” Many of you probably read it, and/or saw […]

The Book-Promotion Balloon: Where’s the Helium?

Regarding the graphic above, man, was I glad I was able to bear down on those lolling tuna boats Dickens and Hugo—they need to get up from their on-deck hammocks and at least think about hitting the book-peddling accelerator before I catch them. Though I do hope I didn’t peeve dear Charlotte; however, she being […]

How to Avoid Cover Design Pitfalls for Indie Publishers

As self or indie publishing grows and grows, more and more of us compete for a buyer’s attention on the Internet on both retail and industry websites. Barnes & Shelf Nowadays authors are calling on CreateSpace, Lulu, and other places to design their own book covers. Others do it on […]

How to Throw a Killer Book Launch Party

Warning: Hacks for Hacks tips may have harmful side effects on your writing career, and should not be used by minors, adults, writers, poets, scribes, scriveners, journalists, or anybody. Well, well, WELL, look who’s got a book coming out? What started out as some chickenscratch on a napkin has culminated in a published book with […]

Supplementing Your Publisher’s Efforts: What You Can Do to Support Your Book

A number of people have asked me to talk about what an author should do to raise awareness for their book for WU’s Inside Publishing month. This was asked in the context of “…if there are not a lot of marketing dollars in house to support said book,” but I think the answer to what […]

A Love Letter to Authors

Dear Authors, I love you. Really. I know, you must be thinking the holiday season has gone to my head, pumping me with Hallmark joy and wrapping-paper cheer. Or that I’m promiscuous — a floozy who hops too easily from one love interest to the next: The job publicizing businesses, the job publicizing authors and […]

Getting Ready for Book Clubs

Today’s guest post is from Janie Chang. Her first novel, THREE SOULS (HarperCollins Canada), is the story of Leiyin,whose punishment for disobedience leads to exile from her family, an unwanted marriage, and ultimately a lover’s betrayal—followed by her untimely death. Now a ghost, Leiyin must make amends to earn entry to the afterlife. But when her […]

Ten Things I’ve Learned from Evaluating Self-Published Books for a Year

Today’s guest post is by Jessica Bennett. She and Leslie Ramey created Compulsion Reads, a website that seeks to shine the spotlight on quality indie books by endorsing those books that meet CR’s strict quality standards. From Jessica: At Compulsion Reads, we always seek to help educate and inform writers. I believe that my personal […]